Posted by: lovediaries | November 5, 2009

Preview f(x) – Chu~♥ MV Teaser

{credit: sment @ youtube}

WAAAAH, the teaser is really pretty *__*. The sets they’re dancing on are really interesting. I..can’t decide on wtf they’re wearing especially Sulli lmao. It was okay in the single cover but when she’s actually moving around in it, she looks really big lmfao. I like the dress, just…not everything it’s been layered with D: AND CAUSE SHE’S SO TALL AS WELL OMG. I loved Amber’s Chu~ the most kekeke /shy giggles. And we get a good view of her piercings *___*.



Sulli at the end was positively adorableeeeee ♥♥ (I LOVE HER NAILS *___*). OH AND asdklfjsdlf almost forgot, Victoria’s flip thingy. Lol omg wtf is it called!? A front on cartwheel? It was amazing, I hope she does it in actual performances *_*.

Oh and, I has a big ass Amber gif! Made by the lovely miximel @ lj alskjfjdsf ♥♥

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Be sure to click on it – it’s life size.


  1. Their clothes makes me cringe. I really hope they wear something better in performances!!! Victoria’s pants makes her thighs look sorta big :/ And Sulli looks like she couldn’t decide what to wear so she just put everything on rofl.

    But the setting was cute/interesting and THEIR KISSESS MUAHHHHH. * Grabs Luna’s air kiss* because I’m gonna go lesbo for her very soon <3333333333

    • Yeah it looks like they ran backstage, grabbed whatever they could and came running out with it all. Reminds me of America’s Next Top Model lmao where they had to wear as many clothes as possible and whoever had the most expensive/many pieces could keep it all hahaha.

  2. I don’t really mind the clothes that much :/ but idk about Sulli’s dress. IT LOOKS SO FASHIONABLE, BUT SO UNFLATTERING AT THE SAME TIME ;___; And, um, I really hope they put all those cutesy things like the frog and the pumps and the apple in the mv. Not like SNSD’s MV teaser, which, even though I love them, was totally misleading.

    With that said, I really do like their MV sets (: They’re so special! And, idek what to say about Amber because, OMG. And I love Victoria’s pink lips. And I don’t know why, but I’m so digging Luna in this. Maybe it’s her hair. Yeah, I think it’s the hair.

    • Oh well, Sulli’s dress isn’t something I’d wear every day but Idk, I love skirts with multiple layers and ruffles :3. Very elegant~

      Yeah I hope they go in too! They represent different fairytales – Frog Prince, Snow White, Cinderella y/y? I think they play a role in this MV.

      Luna had braids last time too though? I hope she gets more screentime, I love that girl~

  3. I like their air kisses, so cuuute _>

    I can’t stand Sulli and Krystal’s clothes *cries*
    I kind of like what the other three are wearing though. Colour explosion DNW but I’ve tolerated worse than that on other groups >D

    Can’t wait for full MV omg.

    Btw did you hear… Yesung is replacing Jonghyun for Friday’s MuBank? Sounds like it’s gonna be interesting xD

    • ME TOO *O*. Amber’s was so sexy lmao.

      YES LMFAO I LAUGHED FOR 10 MINUTES. I’m really excited hahahaha. Lucky it’s just for one performance though, I really wanna see the other 4 handle Jjong’s lines too.

  4. Gosh, I cannot wait till the MV comes out! Sulli’s outfit makes me cringe. But I love f(x) and I don’t really care. f(x) should totally come out with a ballad and have a lovely dramatic MV with a heartwrenching storyline. With them starring in it and then throw in a couple of suju boys and a few shinee boys too. Haha, that, my friends, would complete me. :)

    Did I mention Amber’s piercings are just full of win. I just love them.

    • I wonder if as a group, they’ll ever come out with a ballad. Luna and Krystal’s duet was nice, but it was sort of boring :/.

      I love Amber’s piercings too!!

  5. one thing to be fashionable. one thing to look clownish. i think sulli ended up being clownish… still love her thou! n im sure lots of ppl are happy that amber’s face is visible now!

    • They’ve been wearing good outfits for their performances though :)!

  6. Oh God, Sulli’s skirt. I am more interested in the song now they’ve released this teaser though…But the autotune. They all look very pretty though and Sulli is so cute at the end! Krystal’s stockings….eugh. On a side note, this teaser reminds me a bit of KAT-TUN’s MV “Signal” and “You” with the whole pale white background thing and the “waking up”. But this has more colour and is infinitely cuter. Luna looks pretty…I wonder how tall she is? Amber added me back on me2day too!

    • Oh, I don’t follow Jpop so I haven’t seen any of those MVs ^^;;.

      Um, I’m not sure of her height. Maybe 162cm? That’s a totally random guess xD.

      Oh yay! She hasn’t updated her me2day in a while though :(((.

  7. Amber , you’re so CooL girL ! Sarang Amber ..
    Handsome girL , hha XD

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