Posted by: lovediaries | November 6, 2009

091106 Music Bank

Tonight was the ‘Ring Ding Dong’ performance with Yesung kekeke. AND SHINee WON ♥♥♥!! I hope somewhere in his bed, Jonghyun is crying tears of joy lmao. Oh, and can I just say, the male MC is reeeeeeeeeeeeeally cute and reminds me of Onew :3. Seriously, in the winning clip, I was like OMG THERE ARE TWO DUBUS *O*.

Beast : Bad Girl Beckery: Invading the post :D Let me whinge a bit about Yoseob’s clothes and hair. SERIOUSLY?! Why does he always get the bad end of the wardrobe and hairstyles?! Everyone’s wearing coats and ties and sparkly tops but all he gets is a pair of jail pants :// My poor little blonde cutie :3 But the DooSeob moment at 2.10 made up for it <333 How cute are those two!!?!?! And Leader’s grin is just prection XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Brown Eyed Girls : Sign – It’s their Comeback performance on Mubank so they get a little intro clip where you see the girls doing their make up and rehearsing ^^. I got goosebumps watching the actual performance *O*. There was something really mesmerising about it, I think it was their sad expressions ;~;. I still think Narsha looks like a little boy with that haircut but she’s definitely a very pretty little boy. I like the use of fans in the performance because I like when there is dancing with props hehe :).

f(x) : Chu~♥ – LUNA’S HAIR, OMFG ;__________________;. Did they cut it all off? Please tell me she was wearing a wig omg. I loved Luna’s hair, and now there’s like none of it left and they had to give her two ridiculous little plaits sticking out on both sides of her head ;_;. I like the outfits they performed in. Victoria looks soo good. It was a very good performance, they sang so well even without the autotune. I was scared they’d be a bit strained from all the jumping around but their voices seem to have gotten stronger :)). Amber got a trim I think? Her hair’s looking good. I love how fans are so biased for her lmao ♥.

MBLAQ : Oh Yeah – Ooh I think this is my first time commenting on an MBLAQ performance :). I don’t think Mir’s rap voice matches with his face LOL. Namely because I think he’s a gorgeous boy but his beginning rap in this song really irks me T____T. Still, my bias for him has been growing since that tongue waggling incident, lmao I’m such a perv :o. Thunder is a good rapper but there’s something awkward about him that I can’t quite put my finger on…No ab flash from Joon again?

SHINee feat. Yesung : Ring Ding Dong – Finally got a chance to watch this :D. Yesung did Jonghyun’s opening lines, disappears and later comes back during the bridge. He…hardly dances lmao. But I think he did well :))). Taemin, Key and Onew were really impressive though. (Only not saying Minho is extra impressive because he didn’t do any of Jonghyun’s lines ^^;;). Key and Taemin sang continuously and then Onew was amazing too *_*. It looked a bit empty at one point but even with just the 4 members, they still gave a really good performance :)).

SHINee Winning #1 – No speech? D: I felt so sad watching Yesung in this lmao he looked sort of out of place even though I think he’s wearing Jonghyun’s clothes HAHAHA. (Oh, Happy 4th Year Anniversary to SJ, btw! ♥♥) Yesung was just sorta smiling at the back to no one in particular and when they started the Encore performance he walked off … but if you watch carefully YOU WILL SEE ONEW RACING TO GET YESUNG BACK ONTO STAGE, OMFG THAT BOY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Okay sorry, abusing the hearts here ;~~~;.

Loved the shoutouts to Jonghyun, omg! I swear Minho went “JONGHYUN HYUNG” but then Key stole the limelight by going “JONGHYUN HYUNG SARANGHAEYO” then when Onew started singing Jonghyun’s lines, Minho lifted the mic to his mouth … and then after a while he went “JONGHYUN HYUNG SARANGHAEYO” too haha. Aww, they are too cute.

Fancam after win – These days, I’m watching so many fancams T^T. Anyway, this one is Onew focused of their win & encore. You can see Onew running frantically in this one kekeke. He’s such a sweet leader, srsly. And later when Yesung gets back on stage, the other boys hug him. The music cuts short but Key and Onew continue singing for a bit. Onew singing Jonghyun’s part omg *O*.

U-Kiss : Man Man Ha Ni – Comeback performance! I need to go watch the MV first, everyone seems addicted to this song, must go check it out too :)! Beckery: I don’t know why but I’m so addicted to this song hahaha. There’s a CRAZY (and I mean crazy) amount of autotune that would normally turn me off but this is just so catchy!!! The chorus gets me bopping every time and I love love Alexander’s rapping part <3 They’re all so young though D:

And sorry readers, replying to comments might take a while :(.


  1. yesung only had 2 lines?? hahaha.. he was like an older brother trying to keep up with his dongsaengs.. ;d

    but congrats shinee for winning again!!! i love their outfits too!

    Yesung did a good job!

    SHINee did good today!

  3. Yea he’s crying a river atm… my bed that is :)

  4. i feel so sad for yesung. They should have thank him instead. He felt so out of place

  5. …I hate to say it, but I couldn’t stop laughing during the last chorus for Ring Ding Dong. Oh Yesung…it’s ok if you can’t dance like Jonghyun. You’ve got the vocals to make up for it. XD

  6. woooowwww. U-KISS grew up (OAO)!! i might actually start taking them seriously now lol

    I am not pleased with the JongKey ); but omg yay Yesuuuung♥ I love you even if everyone else doesn’t! ;w;♥

  7. CONGRATS TO SMEXY SHINEE! (: ahh they are awesome. and omg my poor jonghyunnie! D: i never really liked his new hair haha[x but omg i hate being ‘that’ person but where is 2PM? and their new songs. and and lool. 2PM needs love too!!~

    • Lol we’re all huge fans of 2pm and would definitely post up their performances, but um…their comeback stage hasn’t happened yet XD

      They’re released two songs from their new album (which we’ve posted) and they both sound amazing~! Will definitely post their comeback stage when they’re back (can’t wait :D!)

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