Posted by: lovediaries | November 6, 2009

f(x) – Chu~♥ MV

{credit sment @ youtube}

Where do I start!? Okay, I don’t get the plot? I knew all the props were Princess-Prince related hehe (epicism they included it all~) but then the storyline didn’t make much sense to me. Like, I think Sulli wants a kiss? LMAO IDK. ::EDIT:: After about the 10th time, I think I actually get it :D! So Sulli is all *_* at the kiss she saw on TV and everyone else is like “NO >:|” – but secretly, they all want to be kissed too, so they all get their Princess gear and what not~ Idk, that was the best thing I could come up with haha.

Just like the teaser, the MV was really pretty to watch, because while I love angsty and dramatic storylines, I also really like colourful, bright things :)). The choreography is mad cute, omg. I love the chorus and the ‘grow up‘ part where Krystal is in the middle (later Victoria is in the middle) and they jump and bounce about.

Everyone got quite a lot of screentime. EXCEPT FOR AMBER ;________;. I felt like I didn’t really see her (or maybe it’s just never enough for me LOL xD), and even in her singing lines, we were looking at Sulli. I loved her rap though, lmao @ her rapping with her foot on the table haha. She has so much attitude.

Victoria and her flexibility omg!!!! Her lifting her leg up right before Krystal’s ‘Amber‘ and right at the end, HER WAIST BENDED BACKWARDS, I SWEAR. I also loved that part where she was doing somersaults on the table.

Luna looked sooo gorgeous in this ♥♥, I loved all her solo parts. She gets a fair amount of singing lines so I’m happy :)). Sulli is really pretty in this too. Loved her puckering her lips and kissing nothing haha.

I’ve probably left out a lot of things – have I mentioned the choreo is cute? – but this is all based on one watch kekeke. I need to run off and do more studying before tonight’s Music Bank. I’m so excited to see Yesung dance Ring Ding Dong LMFAO.


  1. just in time before their first perf on mubank eh? wonder wut they’d be wearing… hopefully not the outifts here.
    i think the dance dont go wit the song… it should be more aegyo~ ;d

    • The outfits they’ve been performing in aren’t that bad :)!

  2. CHU~! I love this song. ^.^
    It makes my love for f(x) grow~

    • Hehe that’s good to know ^^

  3. This is a very pretty MV. I’m still not too much into the song. But yeah the mv was very much eye candy!

    • Yea I think all f(x)’s songs have been mediocre, you just really need them to grow on you for you to love them :)

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