Posted by: beckery | November 7, 2009

2PM Teaser Videos

‘What is your heart beating for?’ … oooooooh. What interesting teaser videos.

They pretty much tell us what makes THEIR heart beat and there are subs at the bottom XDD. Pretty interesting concept and the “Listen to my heart beat” sounds good. Perhaps that’s the title song?

Junho Awwwwwww <3 “Fans” make Junho’s heart beat. Isn’t he such a sweetheart. :33333

Junsu Um Junsu’s collarbones are really nice *____* Lol. And “Music” makes his heart beat. I actually had a feeling that he would say that even before watching the clip so 10 points for me :DDDD

Wooyoung “Being anxious” makes Wooyoung’s heart beat. He sounds so…wise? Lol. Serious Wooyoung and crazy Wooyoung always amazes me cuz they’re so different XDD 

Chansung “Trust” makes magnae’s heart beat :D And I’m going to pretend that whenever he mentions “our” and “we”, he means the other members including Jay rofl.

Taecyeon OMG KLJFKSLJD TAEC, I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!! ;_____________; “The people I love makes my heart beat. The love I give and receive from my family, friends and us 7 members. I feel great warmth when I think about it. I want to be with you guys forever” ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *crying happy tears*

Nichkhun jkalfjkls Khun talks in English so just alkjfdjklalfd lool. “Struggle” makes his heartbeat.


  1. Would it be safe to assume that 2PM’s new album will be called Heartbeat :O? I didn’t know JYP was a Leehom fan :P

    I should be cramming orz

    • LOL. Last year was the year of the “tic” and “ish” and “ism”. This year is the year of hearts. We have Leehom (well Leehom was December swo whatever haha) and GD and this and that and ok I’ll shuddup

  2. sounds great so far and i hope the full song is catchy and autotuneless

    also SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN brb bombing jyp for getting my hopes up if jay doesn’t have a teaser

    • the jyp building that is, i’m not cruel enough to bomb jyp

      • I think the full song will be good. It sounds decent so far and they’ve been going on about how ‘it’s something you’ve never heard before”. But then I don’t want to get my hopes up too high XD


  3. Wow. The most teasing teaser I’ve ever watched, lmao.

    The boys look kind of scary and the whole thing’s like a sci-fi flick, but the concept’s cool and that one line ‘Listen to my heartbeat’ already sounds hot!

    Can’t wait!! And Taec’s narration… *sigh*

    • They’re so interesting. The concept is pretty cool with their whole heartbeat and all.

      But yea, they look really pale and sick and at first I was sorta :// but then now it’s like “OMG SKIN *______*” HAHAA

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