Posted by: beckery | November 7, 2009

Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow MV

Credit: gengfans @ youtube

BRB. PS ONEW HAS SWINE DDDD: Get better soon!!

This was probably my other favourite from their mini album so I’m glad they made an MV for this :DD

This is so depressing!! Pretty sure I don’t need this right now cuz I’m probably going to fail my exams soon ;___________; *rewatches it anyways* hahaha.

EVERYONE IS LOOKING GORGEOUS. Ties and vests and decent hair. I’m going to turn a blind eye on their pants. Yes, I’m looking at yours Siwon!! DD: But otherwise they look really good. In a bittersweet sort of way? Yea IDEK. The MV doesn’t do much good for my whacked brain atm.

There’s no real “story”, just the boys sitting/standing around looking very gloomy/depressed and a lot of stuff getting burnt haha. Their sad expressions make my heart sorta ache. AND HANKYUNG, YOU’RE RIPPING MY HEART OUT WITH YOUR TEARY EYES :'((((  Don’t ever cry like that cuz you’d make Heechul very worried! And how can he still look so beautiful with tears streaming down his face ;___;


  1. I have a huge SJM bias, but this was really boring for me. It seem very low budget and they stole SHINee’s pants. I wonder how many sparklers they went through during the making.

    Onew having swine flu T_T But Leeteuk is gonna be in the perf now XD

    Bec~ I knew the MV was coming out today, and that’s why I haven’t studied at all T_T I’m so screwed.

    • If I watch this now, I will break. ONEW IS MY WHOLE LIFE ;_;.

      p.s lilyuy think of ME. For the whole week, something has been released every single day. So yeah, my study patterns have been totally ruined and I’m hrs and hrs and possibly days behind, fml!!!

  2. Gosh, that was a quick reply (much faster than Bec XP)

    Watch it~ WATCH IT~ Onew wants you to watch it.

    p.s. I am thinking about you candychu, that’s why I’m bringing everyone down with me. I’ve been constantly checking the net for stuff every day, and my exams start on monday. FML.

    • Yeah, don’t you know I stalk this site? :P

      BUT I’M SO BEHIND ;_;. And I really will cry lmao.

      p.s I START ON MONDAY TOO. And have one on Tuesday as well :((

      • That’s right, I totally forgot you stalk this site (even though it is yours). But it’s not your fault you stalk it, blame it on the KPOP scene. Why do they always torture us during exam time?!?

        Don’t worry, Han Geng will cry for you.

        p.s. Good luck with your exams. All you need to do is just…disconnect the internet.

        • Kindly stop spamming my post, both of you. That is all. Continue

  3. henry looks like he’s sad because he’s lost his way home and nobody was to help him cos they’re so busy emoting. poor 5 year old. XD

    and oh, i really liked how hae did the falling tears. ♥

    and hangeng’s tears O:

    • and lol at ‘he’s way.’ /fail

      • ROFL They all look very emo and rather lost actually. Hankyung just looks heartbrokened *hears my own hear shatter*. I like how hae used his finger and ran it down his face like a tear too :)

  4. They all look good but that was pretty boring. ):

    • ROFL. You’re gonna get bricked now XP

  5. is it released today??

    • Yup I posted this when it was just out

  6. Omg, I love them so much. Yeah, besides the pants they all look good, I just ignored those haha. This was so heartbreaking, seeing Hangeng like that made me so sad inside. This is such a nice song.

    Hope Onew gets better soon!! Good thing it’s not too severe. I’lll miss his beautiful smiling face. It’ll be interesting to see Teukie with them now. So nice of Suju to help them out <3

    *Sigh* Back to schoolwork for me too :( Good luck on all of your exams!!!! Sujum is crying with us. Haha.

    • Yea, I’ve learnt that you have to turn a blind eye and ignore something disgusting when the time is required. LOL. Just stare at their faces :)

      Onew will definitely get better soon cuz SHINee without a leader makes me sad :/ And Jonghyun needs a lot of rest too.

      Thank you <33 Goodluck Hahaha

  7. i dont like slow song most of the time do i didnt like the song just enjoing watchinh my boys :P

    and i was like OMG Henry looked at Zouhmi when he said hin ONLY line ,henry needs more lines

    and i dont know why but there clothes remindes of 19 century french chimny cleaners boys :P
    ans WHYYYYYY did thay steal SHINEe’s colored pants????? is it it because SHINEe is now all manly and stuff u decided to take thim now??

    oh and Onew :(((((((((((((((( get will soon

    • Oh you don’t like ballads? This was my 2nd favourite after Super Girl :) Henry and ZM always needs more line lol.

      I think they’re sharing clothes with SHINee hahaha. Or it could be they have the same stylists who needs to find better clothes for the boys T_T

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