Posted by: lovediaries | November 8, 2009

091107 Star King – SHINee Cut Subbed

I have an exam tomorrow, the others are going to kill me when they see this post … kekeke. BUT I JUST HAD TO POST, THIS WAS TOO FUNNY AND CUTE LOLOL.

{credit: Tessieloves1 @ youtube}

All 5 were on this ep which is sort of rare (so were a few of the T-Ara girls ^^), so I really wish the whole thing gets subbed but as of now this is good enough :). I won’t recap cause it’ll turn into an essay D: and this can easily go under our “Laugh of the Day” segment – though what cut of Star King can’t?

There are longer SHINee cuts (not subbed though) floating around and there’s this one part where some lady is doing some weird dance and Taemin is like writhing in the front row; but then the lady slipped and fell XDDD. Omg, sorry, but it was the funniest thing lmfao, so be sure to watch that too! And also because you get to see Minho be super competitive (when is he not?) and fling around some prepubescent boy like a rag doll.

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Can I just say, I would never want to be in a life/death situation with Key. Look carefully at this gif. When he realises he’s in danger being so close to a spazzing Onew, he quickly jumps up BUT PUSHES MINHO BACK DOWN LOLOL. HE’S SO EVIL LMFAO. Even if he didn’t intend on sacrificing Minho, that was his reflexive action.D:


  1. Damn you candychu~ o(>_<)O

    • Sorry ;~; You’re almost done with exams though :)


    When they first came out I would never have thought that Key would turn out to be so funny. Ahahahaha and WHAT is Onew doing?!?!



    Omg ho dong picked up and carried taemin with like 1 hand!

    Omg Onew can SPAZZ!!

    • Taemin is so cute omg~

  4. ahhhhhhhhhh OMG cute i screamed whe Teamin said ‘youre too tall’ so cute

    and Ho Dong is so baised with Taimen

    lool yah i like evil Key , what a good Umma bushing Minho to danger*Onew*

    • I know right, I bet Taemin’s been bottling that all up haha~

  5. Omomo this is so cute! And the Minho-Taemin battle at the end reminded me of that Damyunghaji game from X-man (man i miss that show), especially the Jae-Changmin match. Now all Taemin needs to say is something about bitter cola and I’ll be spaztastically happy XD

    • I MISS XMAN ;_;.

      Jae vs Changmin was one of the most epic dangyeonhaji games ever!

  6. This was so funny! I never would have guessed at debut that all *five* of them would be dorks. Taemin’s trot was really cute. <3 Rofl at Minho and Taemin fighting for KHDs love.

    When the lady was dancing in the other clip, I was like "Taemin-ah cover your eyes!" but he looked terrified enough so I'm not worried.XD

    • You can never really judge people from debut! I MEAN, LOOK AT CHANGMIN LOL.

  7. I just feel like saying, “HO DONG AHH~” I love it when Ho Dong says it to Seung Gi XD. It’s so cute.

    haha I would be scared to be with Onew more. He’ll spaz all crazy and kill me while at it.

    But Tae Min must be crazy light if Ho Dong can carry him that lightly O_O


  8. this was posted on my birthday! :D anyways, I LOVE KEY. so… key!

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