Posted by: beckery | November 9, 2009

091108 Inkigayo

I wrote a really long Inkigayo post before, but WordPress decided to be evil and delete my whole post ;_________; I wasn’t going to write it up again but today’s Inki had heaps of good performances so I’m just going do it up really quickly before bed. It’s 3am right now and I have an exam in 10 hours T__T

SHINee ft Leeteuk – Ring Ding Dong Jonghyun should really be at home resting, not singing his voice out ;___; I wish he’d/they’d let him rest more. You can tell that he hasn’t completely recovered yet. His high notes were quite strained and the poor boy cracked a few times :((( But serious props to him for giving it his all <3 Minho did Onew’s Bad Boy part and I thought he pulled off the bad boy look very well indeed (probably better than Onew ever will haha) *__* Though, for some reason I prefer Onew’s awkwardness cuz his smile is always so cute :3 Get better soon Onew!! Teuk appears in the second half after the rap and he looked mighty fine. Candychu and I were wondering whether he’d wear Onew’s leather jacket, but it looks like he only wore SHINee styled pants hahahaha. You can see that he was trying really hard to dance along with them, so props to him aswell for being an awesome hyung <333 SuperSHINee!!!

SHINee winning + encore Minho the hyung whore strikes again by pulling Teuk on stage with him, what a sweetie <33 I thought they’d do a whole heap of “ONEW SARANGHAE” etc etc but only Jonghyun said “Onew hyung, are you watching?” whilst doing that sexy smirk of his. Rofl Leader is not loved XPP I bet they were too distracted cuz the f(x) girls were on stage with them. Heaps of f(x), SHINee, Teuk love here. I love how everyone was doing the dance ^____^

Park Bom (2NE1) – You and I I like how everything was simple. The stage, her clothes, her hair, even the dance was very simple. It let’s you concentrate on her voice and the song more. And everything just looked so pure haha. As expected, she did an awesome job. The song was great and I couldn’t help but think of how cute the MV was :D

f(x) – Chu~♥ Luna has decent hair again YAY!! The two braids she sported the other day should never see daylight again cuz I love the girl with her hair out. She looks so pretty, or that could be my bias talking haha. Victoria and Sulli are extra smiley here, but then again when are they not? :DD The fans’ chant was pretty awesome, f(x) is loved!

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign They’re wearing white and gold today and look lovely :) Favourite part would be Gain’s little solo whilst doing her back bend. She looks gorgeous and sounds really good there *__* I love this song so much!

2PM Comeback Teaser 2PM COMEBACK. NEXT WEEK. ON INKIGAYO. That is all haha.


  1. sm town love ftw! minho is so cute w/ teuk :D

    • Lol Minho is cute with all his hyungs. Have you seen him cling to Donghae and Eunhyuk? That boy rofl

  2. Eeteuk looked hot! :D I think he did a mistake on their last dancestep, but it’s okay. He’s still cool. Lol.

    Park Bom is the bomb. Love her voice. :)

    * New reader. :P

    • Hii!! New reader’s who come out and comment always makes me feel happy :DD

      Yea, I’m happy he actually tried to do some dancing, but knowing Teuk, of course he had to fail haha XDD

  3. 2PM!! Cannot wait! <3

    • I know right. :DDD

  4. Lol, I love this blog! so very spaztastic. :)
    SMTown love, aww how adorable.
    I totally LOL’ed when jonghyun asked if onew was watching. his smirk. :)
    Aww and it was adorable when f(x) were with Shinee for their encore and Sulli attempted Key’s “butterfly”That girl is too adorable. Oh i just noticed, Luna and Amber did it too.
    Minho gets along with freaking everyone!
    /trawls back to studying.

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