Posted by: beckery | November 9, 2009

2PM – Market O Real Brownie CF

Credit: Symbelmynee @ youtube

Umm……..I think my brain just exploded and my eyes just popped out of its socket *sticks everything back together and watches the clip again* ROFL. Think Chocolate abs, lots of it. Though their fierce expression whilst jumping made me seriously LOL. Especially Chansung and Taec hahahaha. Man if only hot boys like that really do jump out of posters XD

And for those who hasn’t seen it yet, the subbed interview behind the scenes of the CF. They’re still dorky as always, Wooyoung still fails terribly and Junho ripped his pants twice whilst doing the jumping scene HAHA.



  1. Lol You and I both know that people who look like 2pm don’t eat brownies. Real chocolate or otherwise. *pokes her own chocolate pudding abs*


  2. It’s good to have the beasts back. :D EYECANDY!! They haven’t been lazing around for the past month, oh no they haven’t *eyes glued to screen*
    And lol Junho! You’re always so fail, but i still love you! Oh and take WooYoung’s advice, I want to see your cute side!

    • I know right. I bet they put all their sadness/fears/anguish into gyming because they look yum yum yummmmmmmmmmm

  3. do you know whats the name of the song played when they jumped?

    • Sorry, I dont :)

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