Posted by: lovediaries | November 11, 2009

2PM – Heartbeat MV

{credit: 2pm @ youtube}

Okay, I’ve just watched it once and the stuff that stood out to me the most were:

  • Taec’s rap, and just his whole intro with the chest pumping.
  • The way Chansung gets up and just sorta moves Taec’s head out of his way. Omg, that was really hot.
  • The suits. Not in a good way though.
  • Khun and Junho’s hair. The little palm tree is ridiculous, please don’t do it in the live performances.
  • The zombie choreography. I like the simplicity of the choreography, but some of the moves had me wtf-ing at myself. 1.58-2.04, I’m looking at you.
  • The scenes where they’re lying on the pebbles with that layer of water above them. It looks really cool how they’re all lying there, lifeless. It’s like they’re in between life and death or ~something~
  • Everything from 3.35 til the end. Loved Wooyoung’s jump and flip thing *_*.

I keep rewatching the start now. I’m trying to figure out how they filmed Taec’s part. It looked like they rewound the tape but … he must’ve fallen on a really awkward angle because watch how he gets up O.o. Oh and, I love their pained expressions at the start ;_;. Junho’s black tear, omg ♥.

p.s The snake at the start? Did they kill it for its skin to make their suits? Kekeke.


  1. Woah! Visually it was soooooo cool. I think there were some not subtle messages, like the snake, the puppet dance choreography and then the whole lying lifeless at the beginning and the end. It’s like their whole drama with Jaebum leaving being played out. Hope we get a nice surprise and see them all together again soon!

    • It’d be amazing to see Jay back with the other 6 ;~;

  2. ROFL Someone said that the MV was “Thriller gone wrong” xD

    I’m kinda disappointed with the MV. There wasn’t any acrobatics til the end of the MV & the chest pumping thing reminds me of Suju’s “It’s You”. But the boys looked HOT! Except for when they had the pony tails! And Teac’s expression in the beginning is so freakin emotional T_T
    It’s going to be weird seeing only 6 on the stage this thursday.

    • I think it’s hard to fit acrobatics in the middle of the song because it’d be hard for them to perform it LIVE?

  3. I want to watch the live choreography. And JunSu looks hot but am I the only one who was reminded of his Joker getup in Wild Bunnies??

    This song is haunting *.* No wonder it’s doing well on the charts…and if a certain someone was back, then I think the popularity of it would be PHENOMENAL. Anyway, 2pm <3

    • LOL OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT XD. Now I won’t be able to get that image out of my head when I watch them perform.

      Yeah haunting’s a good way of describing it!

  4. I rather like the zombie choreo. It’s something different. Y’know what else is different? No. Autotune. \o/ The song does sound kind of “dead” (lol in the most flattering way possible) since it doesn’t have too much going on in the background.

    Yes Chansung was very sexy at the start. =Q___ Unfortunately his maknae position makes me feel pedo when I gawk at his chocolately delicious boday.


      • No way! That creepiness is all yours Chu.=P Taemin’s an attractive kid but I think of him like my pretty son daughter these days. XD

        • OMG INCEST

          LOL HAY, I’m not creepy. I’m um…friendly 8D.

  5. I loved the video so much, my new favourites are Junsu, Chansung and Wooyoung now. They just owned the MV.

    They need to take the palm tree hairstyle away from Junho and Nichkhun because it’s not cool at all. ¬_¬

    I did laugh at Chansung and Taecyeon’s strange angry face but I thought Khun’s was adorable. ^_^

    • Lmao your favourites change with just an MV!?

      Yeah they still have the silly palm trees TT

  6. Hahaha, the palm tree hairstyle makes me LOL everytime I watch this MTV.

    • Lol me too, me too XD

  7. Pretty, interesting, haunting… Not so sure what I feel about the song, though. Will have to re-watch and re-listen later….

    • I feel that they can do better than this. ): The choreography has great, good and wtf points. BUT I LIKE THE CELLO :DDDb And the part where they’re all lying on the stones. I like the haunting feeling but lol Khun can’t make angry faces.


    • Honestly, 2PM never have great choreography for the songs they promote. When it comes to little competitions/special stages, then they’re awesome ~

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