Posted by: lovediaries | November 12, 2009

091111 SHINee @ Dong Go Dong Rak Radio

Minho and Onew are missing (though I read Onew has recovered from Swine flu already ^^).

Ring Ding Dong – I love that these boys always sound like they’re giving their all whether they’re on stage or just in a studio. I miss Onew so much lol, like even when Jonghyun was singing his own line at 2.09-2.11 I could only hear when Onew imitated him ;__;. Then at 2.49-2.54 when Jonghyun was singing Onew’s lines, how much did he sound like Onew at the start!? I keep replaying that part ;~;. Oh and I like that they performed the full song here :D.

Y.O.U – I hear Onew in the backing track ;____;. But but but Key sang my favourite Onew lines in the song … THAT MADE ME REALLY GIDDY LOLOL ( 劉憲華 I’M LOOKING AT YOU). Was Taemin laughing at Key afterwards? Kekeke.

I have more goodies to share though!

Taegoon & Minho filming Dream Team – I died. I really did. They look like a really cute couple too. Now I want Taegoon to give me a piggy back ride ;_;.

091110 Onew Funny Radio Cut – I think this is SSTP, cause it sounds like the same segment where Onew did his sexy/greasy advice-giving segment. But this time, he’s all cute and acting as if he’s talking to little kids, omg :3♥. I don’t really know what he’s saying but maybe he’s giving advice to children? I think so. I loved all the hwaiting! and Onew’s mmmmmmmmmmmm~ing lmao. Soooo cute.




  2. haven’t heard Y.O.U yet so… I don’t know? AND THAT’S NOT ENOUGH TAT will watch this when I get home later.

    • Well I’m counting that as OnKey hahaha~

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