Posted by: lovediaries | November 12, 2009


{credit: absolutemblaq2 @ youtube}

‘My Dream’ was their favourite song off their single but I liked this song more than ‘Oh Yeah’ so I don’t really mind :). But wow, it’s pretty rare for a group to release two MVs for a single, right? It’s not an MV with a plot, it actually just looks like random filming – the camera work isn’t anything exciting. It’s really cute though!! Especially Seungho dancing in front of all the toys and then carrying those pigs lolol. LMFAO he just keeps holding more and more, it’s SOOO CUTE XDD. Sorry, I’m leader biased here. The choreography is really nice too~ They should start performing this song :).

Just when I thought I was never going to see Mir or Thunder, we get a shot of Mir sticking his tongue out *__________*. I loled irl at Thunder doing the ‘GOOD Luv’ move to a stranger? I think she was a stranger. She was on the next table in the coffee shop haha.

The MV isn’t as boring as I made it sound, I actually like it more than the OH Yeah MV. Like yes, that one was more fancy but the boys being cute appeal more to me than ab-flashing (see, I’m not a total perv); so if the same applies to you, be sure to check out the MV!


  1. Yeah the mv is really cute! They are so cute! Seungho with the toys is adorable and so is thunder at the cafe! I wish they would have filmed her reaction. I really wanna see them on variety shows I bet they would be such goofs =P

    • They have their own reality show right now, I hope someone subs it, it looks really funny !!

    (kind of reminds me of wild bunny, actually. D: hardcore group just having fun. :3)

    tbh, i didn’t like Oh Yeah at all. I tried to watch the MV and give it justice but. laknsdflaknfd. THE BLACK STUFF DRIPPING ON “MBLAQ” PUT ME OFF AND UGHH. it was just so bad. :/ this was so much better and so cute. :3 i might actually start following them now because of this. :D
    idek if they had a concept, but seriously. so cute. and the pigs/soft toys, LOL.

    • The black stuff made me think of ink lol.

      I think these boys are very cute but also charismatic~

  3. haha,they’re cute!!!!Especially Joon~ ^^

    • They’re all like little boys lmao~

  4. They’re all so gorgeous D: lol at the increasing piggies. G.O.’s winning my heart, he’s such a sweet looking guy with nice vocals and interesting mustache XD.

    Joon’s ADORABLE. omg he’s so a G-dragon and Chris from Battle’s love child.

    And Mir’s is hot<333 and totally random. XD his constant tongue action. Just like Shin Woo was named towel guy cause of the towel, he's going to be tongue guy XD.

    • The increasing piggies was so cute XDD!

      YES MIR IS SO GOOD LOOKING. He’s so pretty alskslfdf ;~~;. I love his tongue lmao.

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