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You’re Beautiful Ep.9 Reality Index

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFavourite scene ^___^

I’m disappointed that the episode didn’t open where it left off (with Taekyung crying) – Minus 5

I find it hard to believe that Taekyung, who notices when the angle of his LAMP has changed, would be oblivious to a new bottle of water :/ – Minus 10

A band as rich as A.N.JELL would definitely have proper studio equipment at their dorm. Taekyung shouldn’t have to go to the office just to write songs :/ Even DBSK has a studio-ey room, and they’re poor :( – Minus 20

LOL Taekyung’s fake birthday celebrations sound EPIC. And very realistic. Idols always have huge birthday fan meetings :) – Plus 20

It’s cute how Minam bought seaweed soup for Taekyung and didn’t try make it herself like normal female characters would – Plus 20 Taekyung’s allergic to sesame? – Plus 10 cos he has so many problems XD

The A.N.Jell chibis are SO cute :333 – Plus 50

Taekyung fails so hard at flicking those card things XD – Plus 10

The whole time Minam and Taekyung were hugging, I was thinking “Shinwoo MUST be there somewhere” and sure enough, he was on the balcony AGAIN XD – Plus 30 for consistency XDD That boy is always on the balcony, seriously.

Taekyung can’t have hayfever; he was listening to music in that huge wheat field two episodes ago :/ – Minus 20

Why does Uhey’s outfit always consist of some kind of road kill :/ – Minus 20

Why does Minam carry her hairclip with her in her bag :/ – Minus 10

Why do Taekyung/Uhey have more kissing scenes than Taekyung/Minam >=( – Minus 50

Taekyung just wiped his mouth after Uhey kissed him?? That is not realistic. Taekyung’s such a clean-freak he would’ve tried to disinfect his mouth XD – Minus 30

Why is A.N.Jell’s manager always taking them to seedy looking nightclubs XD

Taekyung got Minam’s hairclip back for her ;__; – Plus 100 cos Taekyung’s so awesome *O*


Why didn’t ANYONE find it weird that Minam chose to sing a CHRISTMAS carol =.= – Minus 10



I don’t understand why Taekyung had to wrap a sheet around Minam. It’s not like she only had a white t-shirt one, she was wearing, like, a million layers PLUS fur – Minus 20

A.N.JELL has a whole room where they put fan gifts?? THAT’S SO AWESOME – Plus 100

Taekyung giving the stuffed animals “operations” is the cutest thing I have ever seen in any drama – Plus 100000000

Tea, water or juice?

I love how A.N.JELL and 2PM are endorsing the same phones. If I lived in Korea, I’d definitely buy it :)

LOL at how had to eat limes and Jeremy had to eat bananas XD – Plus 5. Whenever I see a food cf, I always wonder about how many bowls/plates the celebrity had to eat when filming XD

Why did Shinwoo have to hold a dachshund :/ He looked like a creep DD; – Minus 5

Uhey’s pink coat thing is absolutely atrocious. And when she stood next to Taekyung (who was wearing lime) my eyes hurt ;_; – Minus 20




I just watched ep11 this morning, and omg, FAVOURITE EPISODE :DDD There were sooooo many cute scenes in it; the reality index for that one will probably have 23985279481 plus points XD


  1. i think minam sang ‘rudolph’ because her nose was red…

    • Yea she also said that the only cheerful songs she knew how to sing were Christmas carols, lol XD I just found it weird that no one in the audience thought it was weird =.=

  2. Hi
    How I can watch this drama from the beginning ?

    with English Subtitles

  3. I WANT THAT BUNNY-PIC PLUSHIE!!! *o* its soo cutteee~ I’ll surely make one XD
    It was so cute when he was doing hte ‘surgery’ kekeke~

    i KNEW shinwoo would be on the balcony being all stalkerish *rofl* though i was praying he wouldnt see it ;o;

    the cutest scene must have been inside the club when evil uee (who plays her role REALLY WELL cause I HATE HER XD ) poured water on minam and taekyung,jeremy and shinwoo went on stage and sang *o* jeremy’s oink-noises were cuuutee xP

    • LOL be like Taekyung and perform a surgery on your stuffed animals :P

      A.N.Jell MUST release an album! I won’t even care if it’s all Christmas carols XD

      • tzzz~ don’tt even need to do a surgery since i can buy it on dvdheaven XDD~ but not sure yet if i’d be able to buy it *rofl*

        soo truueee~ i really want to have an album *o* that would be soo uhsoomeee <3333
        have you seen the selfmade A.N.JELL on Inkigayo? XDD its amazing XD

        • I saw that!! Omg I was so excited when I first saw the video, I thought that A.N.Jell had really gone on Inkigayo .____. I bet they’d win the monthly awards if they ever do go on~

  4. I totally burst out laughing when the manager was on stage dancing to Abracadabra. LOL! And Hongki was so cute, hiding behind those bottles yet still peeking to see the performance.

    Aaaah, I want that Pig-Rabbit plushie!

    • MANAGER MA IS MY HERO :DDDD Hahaha they did such a great job with the casting

      Ooo I forgot about the Hongki thing with the bottles! HE’S SO SQUISHABLE *_*

  5. I love your index! I just gotta say it again.
    And Jang Geunsuk should compete head to head with Choi Siwon to make the most amajing facial expressions!!! I wouldn’t know who to vote for then.
    And about Taekyung wrapping Minam with tablecloth after she was hit with water, how come there happened to be a table with a tablecloth in A PUB? Do tables in pubs usually have tablecloths?
    And Yoo Heyi is surely an electrical genius to figure out which button to press to drop the water without asking anyone, tsk tsk.
    Thanks for keeping me entertained. I’ve watched until episode 11 actually but I always go back to read your index after each episode.

    • OMG YES, AN EXPRESSIONS COMPETITION!!! You know, the other day I tried Taekyung’s pursed-lips thing on my mum, and she was all “… is wrong with your face O_O” XDDD

      YEA. THAT WAS A SEEDY LOOKING CLUB, WHERE DID THE TABLE CLOTH COME FROM??? I think Uhey knew which button to push because she overheard the stylist noona telling the worker about it…?

      Thanks for reading :)

      P.S. I DOWNLOADED THE MINI-CONCERT IN HQ, LOL. Have you watched the mini interview that Jung Yonghwa did with Mnet? (I think it was mnet??) he did his rap in that interview :) Lol I watched the whole clip and it wasn’t even subbed XD

  6. And by the way, you should watch A.N.Jell’s mini concert cut because Shinwoo/Yonghwa rapped in that song (I Will Promise You).
    You can watch it here:
    I had to cover my mouth to stop me from screaming because I love his voice soooo much!!!

  7. HAHAHAHA HongKi’s pig noises! Can’t believe I missed them when I watched XD

    Lol, I love how the drama makes Jeremy and ShinWoo creepers who are always eavesdropping. Jeremy’s expressions in those scenes are pure crack. The hug was really sweet :3

    OH and the phone!! I want it :D :D I’m happy they sell it in Malaysia. Which colour would you go for if you were getting it?

    • OH and I will wait until the Vanness Wu drama finishes airing before watching :D Waiting for YB is killing me already, I don’t want to add to my torture :P

      JGS got nominated for Itaewon Murder! I want to watch. Because he speaks English in there and is a psychopath. :D

    • I’d definitely get the pink one :3 Though I’m a bit tempted to get Taekyung’s lime phone….just because Taekyung has the same one XD (I love Shinwoo, but black looks kinda boring :/)

      I think Vaness Wu’s drama is airing one episode a week? I HATE TW DRAMAS FOR THIS REASON ;____; But I really like what I’ve seen so far….so maybe I’ll keep watching and watching every week :/

      I went to Mysoju to try find Itaewon Murder, but no one’s subbed it yet :/ Might have a look at some Chinese sites….I read that his English pronunciation is actually quite good? HE WENT TO SCHOOL IN NEW ZEALAND AND I HAD NO IDEA. I COULD’VE STALKED HIM DDDDD;

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