Posted by: lovediaries | November 13, 2009

091112 Onew @ Utchatsa – A Boy Next Door

I have another exam tomorrow, but Onew is distracting me :((. Someone yell at me!! I’m actually rewatching Yunhanam right now FML!!

{credit: randy19973s @ youtube}

Watched this without subs this morning. I loved Onew’s entrance lmao, slightly annoyed the camera didn’t capture his little moonwalk :(. And I’ve decided I want to be a Comedian, because they get to kiss Onew on the cheek, molest him all over, get his phone number (WE FINALLY KNOW WHAT PHONE HE HAS :DDD /creeper) and check out his ass ;__;. No fair.


  1. ROFLOBSTER!!!!!

    This is sooo hilarious! I can totally see myself as one of them!

    Ahahahahahahah I would probably yell DAEBAK if I walked in on Onew/Shinee’s apartment =P


  2. This is simply amazing,I admit,I keep on laughing on the two comedians’ faces hehe…Onew is such an adorable dorky,Sarangheyo Jin-Ki Lee!!!SHINee Fighting!…(^_^)

    • Lmao everything was so exaggerated XD

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