Posted by: pinkandsparkly | November 13, 2009

091113 Music Bank

SS501 won, but they weren’t there :(

2PM Preparation – Just a short little video of them going to Music Bank and rehearsing

2PM Intro – FANS ARE CHEERING :D I was worried that the boys were all gonna come out and no one would cheer for them :/ BUT YAY. The suits and Khun’s hair make me cry, but OMG I’M SO HAPPY THAT 2PM ARE BACK ;____; And I am telling myself that Jay is there. Behind a tree. He’s hiding :)

2PM Heartbeat – I’M SO PROUD *_____________* I’m starting to really like the choreography; I like how they start off lying on the floor XD JUNSU LOOKS SO GOOD. AND CHANSUNG. AND EVERYONE ELSE :Q____  My favourite parts were the bits where Junho stood in the middle and the other boys sort of fell down around him and of course the cheer leading move at the end and Wooyoung’s solo bit. The boys’ vocals have improved so much since their 10/10 days ;__; 2PM, HWAITING~~

F.T Triple Love Letter – Jaejin has a really lovely voice *__* I hope they’ll give him more chances to sing when Hongki comes back :) The F.T Island boys look so mature now. I remember when they first debuted, and they just looked like tiny little boys :) Jonghun looks much too pretty with that thing in his hair, he needs to get rid of it :/

BEG Sign – I LOVE THESE GIRLS. They always do such a great job <3 I can’t decide whether I like Sign more or Abracadabra…they’re both awesome :D I loved the mv for Sign, though.

SHINee Ring Ding Dong – It’s great to see Jonghyun back, but Onew ;_____; Minho did a pretty good job singing, though. I wish they’d let him sing more often normally…. It seems to me that everytime I see the SHINee boys, they look thinner :(


  1. 2pm… gahs… pls someone get them new outfits! they look like cheap gigolos! n chop off the coconut trees while u’re at it too… noone does the adlibs better than jay in 2pm. they were struggling to keep up wit the beat in the beginning.

    2pm fighting!

    • KHUN’S PALM TREE XDDDD Omg Khun is so gorgeous he can pull off anything EXCEPT THAT D;

      Jay and Junsu used to be in charge of the epic bits….now Jay’s gone ;___;

  2. Yes! Please do get new outfit for 2PM!!! I think it’s great that Minho get to cover Onew’s part, it’s awesome! but I do miss Onew’s smiles :(

    • I didn’t know Minho could sing cos they never give the poor boy any singing lines :/


    I miss Jay. ;-;

    • I swear the choreography feels like a cheerdance routine. o___o I don’t know what to think of it.


        I think it’s okay….JYP always has weird choreography :/


      Jay was hiding behind a prop. I just know it.

      • Yeah, it’s like he decided he wants to be Lolli!Dara except he changed his mind halfway through the transformation. The boy can’t look angry at all haha~

        Or maybe he was actually in plain sight but the boys’ outfits hypnotized everyone into thinking he’s not there. O:

        • Did you see that cobweb thing Taec had on his head??? Omg I don’t know what JYP was on when he created the concept :/

  4. 2pm!! I was literally like :0 throughout the performance, partly because of the creepy clothes/hair, but mostly because of the performance! I loved it! I thought JunHo and WooYoung had really strong live voices…their parts are my favourite.

    And hahaha cheer routine…at least Woo didn’t fall off this time XD Liked the dance intros though.

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