Posted by: pinkandsparkly | November 14, 2009

Jang Geun Suk Coffee CF Pictures

Credits: As tagged + JGS’s Baidu

I think these are fairly recent~

We don’t normally post any JGS stuff, but I’m watching You’re Beautiful right now and I have a huge amount of Taekyung/JGS bias, SO I’M POSTING THESE PICTURES :D It’d be great if heaps of people look at these pictures and drool over them, cos my image-uploader broke and I had to upload all these individually DD;

JGS is so gorgeous :Q__I love the picture of him with his eyes closed in the grey wifebeater, and the picture of him being all smiley with his leg up ^___^ THIS BOY NEEDS TO RELEASE MORE STUFF.


  1. i heard he is really nice in real life too! (he does have issues with being a flower idol at his previous fashion sense..kk)

    i read this account of a girl that party with him and his friends (i think she’s friend with one of his friends or smtg) in seoul and she said he make effort to talk to her in english (as the girl cant speak korean) and was being really kind and ask her stuffs and actually care about her life

    and she comment about his clubbing personality (cool party animal lol but not as wild as others)

    oh! and he notice her shoes and say its pretty! (its rare for guys to notice they are in a club..isnt it dark?)

    • Yea there were some fans on Baidu who visited the YB filming set, and they said that JGS was heaps nice and made a real effort to speak to them in English cos he thought they couldn’t understand Korean <3 HE'S SO SWEET *___*

      I think JGS's one of those idol celebrities who really know how to have a good time, and doesn't give a damn what people say about him. I reckon he'd be heaps fun to party with ~ I watched him on YSMM2 and he seemed like such a normal boy, haha. But apparently he smokes like a chimney :/

      LMAO at how he commented on her shoes! HAHA XDDDD

  2. JGS! I swear this boy has a million faces, I almost can’t recognize him when he comes out with new stuff. But he grows on you…SO MUCH! I was pretty much indifferent to him when YB started, and now look at me. Stalking Baidu and dramabeans. XD

    He does sound like a normal, regular uni kid, and he’s an awesome actor too! Plus I don’t think he wants to be classified as an idol. :) Does he really smoke like a chimney?? How come his teeth are so white and he can sing well? :S

    • HE REALLY DOES GROW ON YOU, DOESN’T HE :D?? I was a bit “meh” about Taekyung in the first few eps, but now I like him as much as I like Shinwoo (read: a lot XD)

      Lol have you been to his Baidu Bar?? There’s an album dedicated to photos of him smoking D; Here:

      Despite the smoking thing, I love to be friends with him :) He sounds like a very cool guy, and not at all like the other idol boys who have to always be really careful :( Though, like you said, he’s not really an idol…he’s just awesome LOL

      • LOL he’s such a badass XD I backtracked through all the posts on dramabeans that are about him and he’s just so out there! Artistic-temperamental I guess? Seriously, have you seen some of the things he wears to award shows and such? But I like that he’s just so comfortable in his own skin and yeah, totally awesome. I’d love to meet him :D

        • I haven’t seen his award ceremony outfits! I SHOULD GO GOOGLE IT NOW XD Are they really “unique”? G-Dragon style? Haha now I’m curious~

          I saw these pictures of him surfing/vacationing with friends in Australia, and I was all “OMG, WHY DIDN’T I SEE HIM WHEN HE WAS HERE?! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHYYYY DDDDD;”. He didn’t come to my state, but still XD

  3. He’s SOOOO THIN =_=
    He needs to eat something XD

    • Ah yes, a common problem in the Kpop world :P

  4. haha I heard JGS is a really casual and nice guy as well. I would love to meet him<3 And have him say my name like the way he says "Go Mi Nam." XD. Aww I don't like smokers but he's too cute to resist. Sucks that my older brother's the same age as him. I want JGS instead lol.

    I'm totally saving these though<3 totally useful for icons and such.

    • Lol you really want JGS as your older brother? I’d rather have him as my boyfriend HAHA :P

      And yea, he seems like a really ~chill~ guy; the type who wouldn’t care too much about his image and just focus on having fun :D

  5. ok, i know smoking is dangerous, and i hate smoke too. But damn Jang Geun Seok looks TOO COOL with a cigarette on his hands O_O he’s like..handsome..manly..while he smokes.. o_o + His smiling face D8 *dead* Its his own decision if he want to smoke or not, but i hope he’ll smoke lesser ^^

    • LOL SOME OF THOSE PICTURES LOOK REALLY GOOD, DON’T THEY XD I’m very, very against smoking (hate the smell and what it does to your health) but damn some of those pictures look really good *_*

      I hope he’ll gradually tone it down…maybe he could chew gum instead? XD

  6. I love you Geunsuk!
    You are the best!

  7. hahaha lols… Yeah he’s so awesomely COOL and HOT!!! ♥ I wish i could meet him in real life.♥ but i wish he could quit smoking cuz you know, it’s bad for you and i really hate the smell. I hope he makes more movies and shows. And i question the same thing, how does he sing well and how are his teeth really white?

  8. disappointed..i hate ppl smoking…>.<

  9. I’m a bit disappointed that he smokes, I wish he’d stop soon. He sounds like a cool guy, though. (But he’d be a MAJOR headache as a brother, older or, in my case, younger)

  10. how i wish i could go to korea and meet jang geun suk personally
    oh when…
    when… TT_TT

  11. quite disappointing but let me see…if he couldn’t stop from smoking then i’ll join him..(smoking session).:-)

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