Posted by: lovediaries | November 15, 2009

091113 SHINee @ Sketchbook

Onew has a fever again and will be taking another week off, apparently ;____________;.

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Replay – Just a very short version. Stage looked so empty at start. And seeing them perform ‘Replay’ in their RDD clothes is totally messing my brain xD.

Juliette – Ngl, this was the performance I was most looking forward to because of Onew’s ~epic~ note. They perform with a live band so no backing track~ Taemin sounds sooo good, covering for Jonghyun ♥♥. Minho gets really into the song at the end haha.


Ring Ding DongIdon’t know why but a few of the videos I’ve looked at, the audio and visuals aren’t in sync :(. Fixed! Thank you ssyy24!Yaay @ Onew doing Jonghyun’s ‘baybeeeehhhh’. The video lags horrible but watch til the end lmao, Key made a mistake XDDD. The chorus choreography always seems to trip people up P:

Recording – Get Down – Key’s rapping is always so intense, ♥. I remember seeing a rehearsal clip and the mic went psycho after his ‘meow’ rofl. Even the mics can’t handle his osm.

Recording – Onew imitates ‘Female vocal’ of Leessang’s song – LOL OMG I…I don’t even know anymore. And I love how his voice just went from high to deep *_*.

Recording – Minho : Should I say that I love you again – WHY DID THEY CUT THIS OUT OMG!? Minho sang so beautifully ;____;. And roflmao, was it Onew who went “Wow” half way through!? What a dork xD.


  1. MINHO. SINGING. LOUDLY. lkjdfl;akdjsfl;askdjfal;skdjf

    He sounded so GOOD in Juliette! And Taeminnie is sounding better with each song. THEY’RE ALL GROWING UP AND GETTING MORE CONFIDENT AWWWWW.


  2. TAEMIN IS HIGH~~~~~
    he’s dancing around on stage in juliette awwwww isn’t that just so kyuuuuuuuute xDDDDD
    and onew looks tired )))):

    • Ahh I know, he was so cute ^^!

  3. Here’s Ring Ding Dong video in sync

    Minho singing was so GOOD!
    And Onew’s long note!! <33

    • Thank you so much! I’ll edit that into the post :)!

  4. I swear… Taemin is getting better and better. His vocals are much stronger and I love it! I wished SME would allow Minho to sing more. His voice is so deep & soothing. I hope Onew gets better btw.

    • I agree. Minho gets nervous during performances with dancing, but I think if he gets more practice the way Taemin did, he’ll definitely get louder and improve :)

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