Posted by: lovediaries | November 15, 2009

091115 Inkigayo


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2PM : Heartbeat – Ugh, their mics were terrible I felt like I was listening to the studio version and occasionally you could hear their soft voices; but at least they got an intro stage! It was pretty cool, they were dancing behind layers of ice and they were then breaking through it. Junsu looked really good *O*. Taec looked really scary lmao ;__;, I don’t like his hair like that. Actually I don’t like any of their hair except for maybe Wooyoung’s. Junsu’s looked too flat :/. And please get rid of the stupid palm trees >:/. Wooyoung’s final jump looked sorta painful, I think he just stopped himself from falling, but the way he landed…ow.

Bec: White suits this time :DD I love how all their comeback special intro stages are different. This one is pretty fierce but it looks so dangerous :/ They had their intro track playing, yummy english *_* All the special effect is really cool but yea, their mics suck :( And I still think their makeup, especially their eye makeup, is really scary. They just look….so lifeless, which is what they want I guess hahaha. Taec and Chansung looks like twins here LOL. Probably cuz of their hair XDD Good to have these guys back ♥♥♥

Brown Eyed Girls : Sign – Jea always looks so tired with her sad expression :(. I’m still obsessed with the way Narsha looks though, she’s so cute with that hair and I love her make up. Her eyes look so watery~

f(x) : Chu~ ♥ – I haven’t been keeping up with the Chu~♥ performances ,but this was a really good one :). I love all their hair in this! Amber was so cute taking her cap off and putting it back on for her rap keke.

Park Bom : You And I – Bom is so cute ♥. She was doing really well in the performance but when she moved onto her second stage, there was something a bit off. Idk, maybe she got confused with the backing track or something but she sung some words and then stopped. I’m not really sure what was happening lol.

SHINee : Ring Ding Dong – Loving Minho’s shiny pants ♥ (it’s sad that I actually spelt shiny as shinee orz). I also love that Key always changes his little ~butterfly~ :)). Oh! I also love his new hair colour. I loved the purple for obvious reasons, but red looks good too! AND FFFFFF @ TAEMIN. CAN HE STOP BEING SO BAD LOL. He threw his jacket off then did this little shoulder shimmy *___*. Omg I am so in love with how the cameraman caught it front on. I think this has been Jonghyun’s best performance since he got back :). BUT LMFAOO TAEMIN MADE THE SAME MISTAKE HE DID ON MUBANK XDDDD. Silly boy~ He covered up pretty quick though!

Winning #1 – Not very HQ BUT WHATEVER :DDD. WATCH KEY THROW TAEMIN AROUND LOL OMG, THEY ARE SO HAPPY, AND I AM TOO. FIRST TRIPLE CROWN OMG. Jonghyun is all calm and stuff but I bet during the encore/afterwards he was bawling his heart out. Minho looks like he’s about to cry, Key looks really bouncy and Taemin looks like he’s holding back tears too ;~~~~;. AND THE KEYBER HUG OMFG, THAT JUST TOPPED MY NIGHT.

SHU-I : Save Me Bec: I don’t really follow these guys but I wanted to give their song a try this time. And not really feeling it? It’s a bit weak compared to everything out atm :/

Taeyang : Wedding Dress Bec: I LOVE THIS SONG. And the MV made me love it even more <333 I know Taeyang’s style usually includes a cap/fedora but I wish he’d stop wearing it sometimes, so we can see his face properly :( I want to see the emotions in his eyes. Still, a very, very solid performance XDD

U-Kiss : Man Man Ha Ni Bec: The vid isn’t in synch but I can’t find a HQ one lol. So I sorta just listened to their voices instead of watch the performance XD

I’ll update with videos later~ I just…wanted to share the happy news :).


  1. Happy news is happy news indeed! TRIPLE CROWN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY <3
    I'm glad my mother isn't home when Inkigayo is airing. I screamed so loudly, I think I woke up the baby next door T_T

    Haha I love how you used that Onew gif. It's so appropriate. Can you just imagine him doing that at home in front of the TV? XD

    What mistake did Taemin make on MuBank @_@
    Crap I must've missed it lol. Must pay more attention to the boy during perfs xP

    • LMFAO OMG XD. I’m so glad it’s never too late when I watch Inki xD.

      If only Onew was there for their first triple crown ;~~;

      The song finished and Taemin was still singing lmfao xDD!!! But he covered up really well on Inki.

  2. The Onew gif is cute, I hope he is getting better.

    • Yes, I thought I’d put in an Onew gif since he wasn’t actually there to attend :(

  3. I miss Onew!! xD
    Congrats to the boys on the win!!!
    And damn 2PM’s intro was so intense!!!
    AlsoI didn’t really like Park Bom’s performance. It was kinda boring. I would get it if it was a ballad but her song is more R&Bish. LOL @ YG for ditching the dancers in this performance xD
    OMG Taeyang!! Wished YG could’ve done something BIG with his stage -_-
    It kinda seemed like just a regular stage for a comeback x(

    • I miss Onew too but he’ll be back this week for MuCore :)!

    Lol, I absolutely loved it after their congrats speech thing they turned around and SHINee and F(x) were both spazzing about it. They are just too cute.
    Keyber! <3 Minho is just precious, holiding back the tears. I miss Onew! :D

    • f(SHINee) are so cute omg!!! Key and Amber are like bffs lmao, I’m so jealous haha~

  5. Yay triple crown!!!

    Does that mean they won three times in a row o.O?
    I really am sooo happy for them =)

    • Yep three consecutive weeks on Inki :)!

  6. what mistake did he makkkke? little Taemin????

    i didn’t see the perf D: not only am i not in the right country, i had to study for exams.

    if it’s online somewhere, can you link me? :D

    • He continued singing even after the song had finished, but he covered up pretty well ^^.

      The link of the performance is in the post!

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