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You’re Beautiful Ep.10 Reality Index

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMy OT4 <3

When UHey was accusing Minam of liking Taekyung, they were in that really big studio-y area. When you make a sound in those places, your voice echoes; there is no way that Taekyung, Shinwoo and Jeremy could stand 5 metres away from them and not hear anything :/ – Minus 10

It’s adorable how Taekyung, Shinwoo and Jeremy all took limes for Minam <3 – Plus 20. LUCKY GIRL.

You know, it’s ep10 and I’ve only just realised that Minam’s bed is round. That is very cool.

Watching A.N.Jell eat lime makes me want to grab a lime out of my fridge to eat XD – Plus 5 cos this must be why people use idols for CFs. THEY SELL STUFF.

It’s sweet of Taekyung to drive Minam to the hospital, but why is the emergency room SO QUIET. It’s the middle of the night, yes, but emergency rooms are always chaotic – Minus 20

I like how Minam told Taekyung that the reason she didn’t want to go to see a doctor was cos she didn’t want to hurt him, that’s so much better than lying :D – Plus 50 for honesty :DDD!

LOL I was like “awww so sweet!” when Taekyung said “it’s okay if you want to cry” and then half a second later he had to say “or vomit” T___T – Plus 40 XD

I enjoyed the bit where Taekyung told Shinwoo that he would take care of Minam by himself – Plus 10. I NEED MORE TAEKYUNG VS SHINWOO SCENES. MOOOOOAAAARRR.

The dehumidifier is really cute :3 – Plus 5. Random, I know XD

Shinwoo was standing outside the door the whole time that Taekyung was taking care of Minam? That’s sweet..but kinda creepy XD I LOVE YOU, SHINWOO, YOU CAN STAND OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM DOOR ANY DAY. Or you know, come inside ;)

I want Manager Ma to make up a  myth for ME. He has the awesomest imagination EVER – Plus 50

The Indian girl in Minam’s myth couldn’t dance :/ – Minus 5

I love how, in Manager Ma’s imagination, he played the hottest/toughest character XD – Plus 30

Taekyung wears huge sunglasses while shopping indoors – Plus 20 cos that’s so celebrity-like :D

It’s cute how Taekyung imagined Minam wearing the outfits that he was choosing from – Plus 20 :3

I don’t like how Minam has zero resistance when it comes to Uhey :/ – Minus 50. I don’t like it when the main girl is too weak


Everyone but Minam knew what the throwing up meant – Plus 50 cos Minam is SUPER INNOCENT and it would be weird if she did know



How did Taekyung get Minam’s clothing size right?? – Minus 10. I doubt they’d ever shopped together before :/

Why does Minam get a huge premiere event for the release of her MV? When rl idol groups release mvs, the entertainment company just puts it on Youtube at a really random time and it’s up to us to keep refreshing the page to find it XD – Minus 50

Who did Minam’s girl-hair and makeup? No way did she do it herself :/ AND WHERE DID SHE GET HER SHOES FROM. Taekyung didn’t buy her shoes  – Minus 50

Hongki: “Hyung, why is Go Minam a girl ;~~;” – PLUS 300. AWWW HONGKI, YOU’RE SO CUTE, COME HERE AND LET ME SUFFOCATE YOU WITH HUGS


Yay I’m slowly catching up :) I’ve already finished ep.12, and omg IT’S AWESOME *_________________*

I went and watched Jang Geun Suk’s movie “Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do” cos I wanted to see if he was awesome before this drama, and he was *__* The movie, on the other hand, was not so awesome :/ I actually couldn’t finish it (got up to 8/11) cos the girl annoyed me too much. Jang Geun Suk’s character was adorable, though :)


  1. LMAO I feel like I’m stalking your posts. XD

    As usual, yay and thanks for recap! I loved the preggers part too, couldn’t stop laughing, especially at Hongki’s expressions! But then, his expressions are always awesome. ;)

    Hee, the scriptwriters like to make Jeremy and SW creepers…they’re always lurking around somewhere seeing things they shouldn’t be seeing :P

    JGS was so cute and boyish in Doremi! I read a recap and somehow couldn’t get up the interest to watch it…now I probably won’t, since you said it was bad. XD

    • THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS COMMENTING, BB ;____; Lol, when I first started doing this index, Beckery went “hmmm I wonder how long till people get sick of your indexes and stop commenting :P” so I’m glad you’re still reading <3

      Watch Baby and Me~! Not a cinematic masterpiece, but I found it really cute and quite entertaining :) Probably not something that I'd watch again, but it has JGS and Mason Moon in it, so even if you had it on mute it'd still be enjoyable LOL

      • I shall be here till the end! <3 It's a mark of my complete addiction to YB. I have lots of time now since I'm just twiddling my thumbs while waiting for uni to start :P

        I WATCHED IT! :D Tbh I didn't think much of the script at all, especially when it went all melodramatic at the end, but, well, JGS is in it. ;)

        • When does uni start for you?? I don’t start till March, YAY :D!!!!

          Lol it’s not that great, is it XD Like I said, some parts were just plain ridiculous (like how they made JGS’s character such a manwhore =.=) and with the crying scenes near the end, I just found myself laughing XD

          I think I might try Beethoven’s Virus now. Have you seen that yet?? Apparently it’s really good~~

  2. I have like five episodes to catch up on but I’m gonna go do that now and read your summaries after :DDD <3 I really love the reality indexes you did for the first few episodes so I can't wait! :)))

    I miss y'all :)! Hope you girls are doing well!!

    • I wish I still had episodes to catch up on….I always download them the morning after it airs and then I have to wait in agony for a week XD

      You said in you’re doing surgeries now??? THAT SOUNDS SO STRESSFUL ;_____; Remember to take time off to spazz over pretty boys; it’ll totally help you de-stress :)))

  3. woah~ i totally envied her in this episode *v* (ok.. honestly i envy her for this role in general *lol*) 3 guys taking care of her <33333 argh~
    i wonder how many times taekyung had to bite the lime XDD~ poor him~ i HATE limes xX

    the last scene totally gave me the rest~ OoO i almost fell offmy chair when shinwoo appeared *dead* and hongki really did an awesome job in playing the confused guy <3333 so adorable *o*

    yay for watching doremi~! ^^ i truely adored him in this movie~ but i guess you haven't watched the last scene were he gained back his memory? it was heartbraking </3

    • LOL yea, I just envy her in general XDDD

      He lost his memory? LOL I gave up after part 8, ok XD The girl annoyed me too much. And the plot in general annoyed me. I didn’t like how, one minute they were at each other’s throats, then the next minute the girl asked him out and they were all ~in love~ =.=

      • haha yeah XD~ it was BUMM- his memory’s gone XD~
        i don’t rant too much about something like that in movies anymore *rofl* i would always tell myself ‘its a movie.. they don’t have enough time’ XDDDD~
        the ending was fast~ but the acting was good <333

        • Omg, amnesia XD

          I’m a media student, so that pretty much ruins every drama/movie/book/magazine/newspaper there is XD

          I really liked the song(s?) JGS sang in the DoReMi! I’m gonna try track the OST down and download it ^____^

  4. Just want to add that DoReMi… is not a bad movie, only towards the ending is becoming a little bit over the top. But it’s nice in some way (and this way’s name is… Jang Geun Seok:))

    And the drama is simply wonderful, refreshing and energizing. One of the bests! I have no nails though…

    • Lol, if it weren’t for JGS, I would’ve stopped watching after part 1, and wouldn’t have made myself keep watching till part 8 XD

      I really didn’t like the girl. She annoyed me :( And I didn’t like how quickly they “fell in love” with each other… soon as she asked him out, they were fully in love =.= I think they should’ve let it develop a bit more~

      JGS looks so boyish and cute, though :3 And I really want the OST cos I liked the songs :)

      • i don’t understand how you find minam annoying! She’s lovely!!

  5. I LOVE YOUR BEATIFUL! Itz so emotional,its also funny at the same time! i can never stop looking at their pictures! LOOOL! i love jeremy 4 ever!!! plus the others

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