Posted by: lovediaries | November 19, 2009

Ceci December Issue feat. SHINee

I actually already saw these yesterday and have already done my share of hardcore spazzing – it just took me a while to find the photos with only the original credits ^^;;. And just letting you all know, Onew has recovered (*cries happy tears*) and will be back with the other SHINee members on Music Core :))!!!

Embedding this one because I thought it was the cutest picture :3. They’re sharing music, kekeke, and you get a good shot of Onew’s hands (or, hand) ^^~

I’ve changed and added pics. They’re all very HQ now :)).
PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK!! Upload onto your own server/account if you want to share, thank you :)).

They all looks so gorgeous in this *__*, I especially love the JongKeyHo (SXC OT3) one and Key’s solo pic :). AND UNF UNF UNF @ Onew’s solo pic where he’s leaning against a wall, reading a magazine. I could drool forever.

I started using a new photosharing server – imgur. Um, it’s quite cute actually lol, the thumbnails as you can see are perfectly square but they are also cropped. So don’t worry, the first two photos where SHINee’s heads are cut up, they’re not actually like that in the big version :).


  1. Aww! They are so cute!
    More power to SHINee ne~

    • Haha aw what a cute comment ^^

    i especially heart onew in these picturees :)
    he looks a bit like yoo seung ho in the photos with taemin, imo. the eyes i think. and i love his big puffy black jacket >< hahaha

    • Lool yes I’ve noticed the similarity between Seungho and Onew. YOU KNOW WHO ELSE HE LOOKS LIKE? SONG JOONG KI ♥♥♥♥♥ (You’ll see him when you visit my blog keke~).

      • ;) whenever i see that pic of onew looking like YSH, i go nuts cuz i seriously think YSH is very hot xD
        Hehehe, yes i sawww. Song Joong Ki :D
        their MOUTHS (:DDDDD) are so, so similar, and then eyes i think a little different? duno, but definitely the smile :)
        go onew and onew look-alikes! loll

        • YSH IS A TOTAL CUTIE LOL. Their eyes are sorta similar too with the double eyelids but I think the shape is different~

          Lol you can never have enough Onew lookalikes!!

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