Posted by: lovediaries | November 19, 2009

Vogue December Issue feat. SHINee & Seohyun

Yay, another magazine photoshoot :DD!

{credit: shakizi}

The concept for this shoot was “Wild Swans”. Make up artists did something crazy to their eyebrows, dnw ;_;.


The picture where they’re all in black is actually not that bad (I like what they’re wearing there ^^), but they’ve got on these bizarre hats which ruined the picture for me. Their clothes in the other photos looked very warm … but they weren’t very flattering XD.


  1. O_O Oh the things these boys have to do to be idols…..It must have been either awkward or hilarious frolicking around in those costumes. XD

    I don’t recall Seohyun doing many solo things. She’s really pretty and tall though, I want to see more! Even if she is a forest witch or whatever…

    • I wouldn’t be able to hold in laughter if I wore that on my head lmao.

      Mmm, well she did have that trot song? FOREST WITCH LOL.

  2. where is minho?It a guy similar to him but it’s not him :P

    Wow this photoshoot is such eye candy!!!!

    I know what they are wearing is kinda crazy but I still find it really nice. Not to wear in public but to look at it =P

    • Their makeup is really strange…they like emphasised their eyebrows, idk :S

  4. Minho looks like Rob Pattinson in one of the pictures~ Oh well!

    It’s fun to look at anyway~ ^______^

    • A lot of people have been saying that haha~

  5. Hm…idk if you guys knew this but I think this photoshoot was probably based on a fairytale, The Seven Swans.

    Seven brothers were turned into swans their evil stepmother. They could only be turned back if their sister would weave them each a shirt out of rare weeds and not talk the entire time. During the years she was working in the forest, she was discovered by the prince, who was so taken with her beauty that he married her.

    The prince’s mother was jealous, so when the couple’s first, second and third children were born, the mother took it away, and told the prince that his wife was a murderess, but the prince didn’t believe her.

    Then one night the sister went into a graveyard because she needed to pick the rare weeds that grew there. They caught her and accused her of being a sorceress so the prince had to let her be tried, and sentenced to be burned at the stake. She worked on the shirts until she was already being led up to the execution site, and then her brothers flew around her and she saved them, except she didnt have time to finish the last sleeve so her youngest brother had one swan’s wing instead of an arm.

    Anyway wow, that was really long, but I just wanted to share it bc it was one of my favorite fairy tales when I was little and I was always a little upset that more people didn’t know about it lolol. I immediately thought of the fairy tale when I just glanced over the pictures, then I noticed the swan wings and crowns, and that seohyun was knitting, and then i was like OMG, IT’S THE FAIRYTALE.

    btw, i’m one of the silent stalkers who check this site every day but was always too shy to comment =D
    you should post more SuJu stuff! it seems as though there’s been a Suju famine lately D=

    • Sorry this reply took forever! I hope you don’t think we’ve been neglecting you, I just haven’t had much internet time over the past month.

      Thank you for taking your time to type that out, btw! I know the concept is “The Wild Swans” so it is possible that you’re right. That’s an interesting fairytale btw, I don’t think I’ve heard it before. I got goosebumps though, it sounds like something I should go read.

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