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2009 Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) – Awards List

I streamed the show live and it took around 5 hours from the red carpet to the end of the show. Definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride with HUGE ups and downs. Highlight of the night was (with bias of course lol):

Best Male Group & Artist of the Year - 2PM ♥

Best Asia Star - Dong Bang Shin Ki ♥

For those wondering, no, Jay didn’t turn up and neither did Changmin or Yunho ;____; The speeches from both groups were very, very bittersweet and I really wish everything would turn out ok for them DDDD: We seriously don’t need any more drama for the year T_T

However, with all that said, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS TONIGHT!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Everyone has worked very hard all year through, and although, I’m a bit O_O at some of the winners, I think everyone deserved what they got :DDD

Full list of winners is under the cut, with some videos and translations (if I managed to find it) ♥ I’ll probably edit as the clips come up on Youtube :)

Artist of the Year: 2PM (with subs)DFSFSLKFJ YAY!!!!!! JUST….YAY ♥♥♥ CRYING A RIVER ;________; Wooyoung and Junho are both sobbing their poor eyes out, whilst everyone else is looking teary with their voices shaking whilst talking (Can you feel my heart break?). It was an utterly bittersweet moment and I really hope Jay is seeing all of this!! Leadja, we want need you back so that you can give us a fail-y speech <3333333

Song of the Year: 2NE1 – I Don’t Care These girls are on a roll this year. They grabbed a lot of awards today!! :D Park Bom was crying so much! Lol.

Album of the Year: G-Dragon – Heartbreaker I think GD’s album sales were REALLY high, which is why he grabbed the award. Congrats to the guy ♥♥

Best Male Group: 2PM (eng subs) WHAT TIME IS IT?!?! ITS TWO PEEE EMMMM ♥♥♥

Best Female Group: Brown Eyed Girls

Best MV: 2NE1 – Fire

Best Asian Composer: JYP

Best Female Solo Artist: Baek Ji Young

Best Male Solo Artist: Drunken Tiger

Best Asia Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki (with English subs). All the screams/chants made me get goosebumps. I thought Jaejoong would break down into sobs any moment and Yoochun was definitely teary. It was heartbreaking and JJ’s mention of the other 2 boys was very sweet and touching ;____; They need to get together as FIVE asap before everyone goes insane. <3333333333

Best R&B/Ballad: Kim Tae Woo – Love Rain

Best House/Electronic: Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Asian Recommend: AKB48 (Japanese group)

Best Rock: Boowhal – Remembering (생각이나)

Best Hip Hop: Leessang – (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자)

Best Mixed Gender Group: 8Eight

Best OST Award: SS501 – Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flowers OST)

Best Dance: Kara – Honey

Best Trot: Hong Jin Yong – Love Battery

Best New Female Artist: 2NE1

Best New Male Artist: Supremes

CGV Popularity Award: Super Junior

Overseas Viewer Award: Super Junior

Mobile Popularity Award: Super Junior

Music Portal Mnet Award: 2NE1

Director of Music Video Award: Hong Won Ki


  1. 2PM <3 omg I saw it once, then my heart broke and I just stared at the paused screen, wooyoung's crying really tore my heart apart. What broke me down further was all the love from 2NE1, Gdragon, Kara crying/applauding/looking in awe at 2PM. I hope next year it will be seven people up there saying thank yous. 2PM congrats! all the winners/nominees congrats!

    • ^ whoa why did it use “nates”, it’s nataly btw lol don’t want to confuse you

      • my comment disappeared omg my computer hates me, summary 2PM love you & congrats, all the winners nominees congrats, 2PM don’t break my heart by crying

        • LOl. WordPress was being lame XDDDDDD

          I know right. I was streaming it live so I was just like “OMG 2PM WON OMG WOOYOUNG DONT CRY OMG ;_________;” Lol then I watched the subbed clip and got all teary. I’m so happy for them. I bet they called Jay afterwards :33

  2. I feel for the DBSK members.
    All the lawsuits and what seem like endless trouble from SM.

    I really hope the 5 can reunite soon and come up with another smashing album.

    • Same. Seeing three of them safe and healthy makes me happy but if it was 5 of them up there, it would make my heart burst with joy <3

  3. I share your bias. For 2pm ;_;

    Heartbreaking speech was heartbreaking…and I’ve suddenly become a huge fan of GD XD Kpop love is so precious. <3 Well, I liked GD and 2ne1 before, but now…AWW all the cheering for 2pm!!

    Performance-wise, I don't think it was quite as epic as last year, especially since khun-ivy was more lulz than anything. 2pm=awesome as always but JYP jumping out was just kind of WTF.

    Basically JYP-YG ruled the show. Am not complaining, I love the artists from both and I still don't get the whole boycott thing XD Oh wells. Yay for everyone who won!

    • Yea, I loved how GD said “2pm” and stood up and clapped. Makes me love that boy more than I already do haha. The perfs definitely weren’t as epic as last year, but you can’t blame them. Hyori, Big Bang, DBSK etc etc were all there last year lol.

      Lol I thought JYP was a bit unnecessary XD

  4. So proud of 2PM and SJ boys♥ T_T♥

    Not surprised with 2NE1 and GD. I mean, duh. If they didn’t win anything this year, there’s obviously something wrong haha. I know there’s still the Mnet vs SM thing but I’m surprised to see that SNSD is not on the list. O: I don’t even like SNSD but Gee should’ve gotten something.

    Anyway. Congrats to the winners, especially to my favorite boys♥

    • Well Mnet is very YG and JYP bias so I’m not surprised none of the SM groups won a major award lol. And I guess that’s why SM did a boycott. But no matter what, all the winners are still winners <3

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhhh………..
    after watching what Jaejoong had to say, i was all T.T
    i have such a strong urge to comfort them, but i feel so useless, knowing i can’t do a thing to resolve their pains………..

    • :((((((( Awww that’s really sweet of you. Jaejoong’s speech was very bittersweet but I’m happy he mentioned the other 2. Keep the faith!

  6. 2pm works hard n deserved to be the best male group cos they’re really entertaining n are all-rounders. but artist of the year… hm… i think that’s a bit too much for the young artistes. who r the nominees?

    • I honestly don’t remember who the nominees are off the top of my head. You might have to google it :D

      I..rather not comment on the fairness of all of this but we know Mnet are…slightly bias so don’t take it to heart :)

  7. i think many awards were deserved but i wish sm didn’t boycott. :| ( i really like super junior, snsd, etc)

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