Posted by: lovediaries | November 23, 2009

MBLAQ – Art of Seduction Ep. 1

Just a heads up that abmsubs are in the process of subbing MBLAQ’s ‘Art of Seduction’ Eps :D. I’ve seen loads of pictures and they all look really fun keke.

{credit: abmsubs @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3.

They start off with a brief introduction and footage from their first stage. Then each member gets to say a bit more about themselves.

SEUNGHO DRIVING THAT CAR WITH THE TICKET IN HIS MOUTH /FAP FAP FAP. Seungho talks about how from primary school til high school he was never not once class captain. WOAH *_*. That’s really impressive.

For GO’s scene he starts taking his clothes off :Q____. HIS TIE OMG. GO talks about how he entered many auditions and forming the group ‘Tykeys’. Looks like he’s always grown his facial hair lol.

Joon comes down the stairs taking his shirt off. Is that house the one 2PM were in for their Couch Potato ep? He was wearing a wifebeater underneath and just as he took that off, it freeze framed. WHAT A TEASE LOL. Joon talks about how he had a lot of interest in acting and dancing.

Thunder wakes up in a bed, daww he’s so cute. He talks about Dara and how 2NE1 and MBLAQ are going in different directions, music wise.

Pretty Boy Mir is studying. Or something. IDK BUT HIS TIE IS LOOSE AROUND HIS NECK *____*. He talks about how he entered the company without doing auditions, so he’s a ‘parachute’. I don’t actually get that term but lol if I was a trainee, I would’ve been very bitter xD.

This is only Part 1, be sure to keep watching :D.


  1. Kinda unrelated…but have you heard this song?!
    Or rather, the lyrics~

    Just for chuuu~

    • Ooh, I shall try this out, thank you for linking :)

  2. OTL another addition to my growing “MUST WATCH” list

    • You’ll get to it eventually ^^~

  3. definitely a must watch.
    i’ve had this joonie bias since their debut but with all these adorable nonsense makes me like them all.

    SEUNGHOOOOOO. he’s not you’re average pretty boy but OH HI THERE SEXYYYY.
    makes me hope that he’ll strip in the upcoming perfs.

    i’m just bothered with mir’s connection with the company. felt kinda bad when the manager(?) praised just him after their debut stage.

    • I’m really attracted to Seungho and he is definitely my bias lol. I find Mir so gorgeous but ngl, I was slightly bothered by the obvious bias that can already be seen in just one episode. I think that was the manager too. He was like, practically telling every off, and then he singles Mir out and compliments him … like um hello, the other boys are still there =.=

  4. oh was this the “idol army” show they were taking over for season 5 or another show under their belt? lol cause I was wondering how suave guys would handle the cracktabulous that is idol army, but thank god this is named art of seduction, it really suits their appearance. I only watched a bit of part one since I need to head out for school soon, but it looks interesting, I shall give the rest a try later.

    • This one’s their own reality show so I don’t think it’s what you’re talking about. These boys have been on quite a lot of reality shows, actually. I watched a cut of Seungho doing this awesome card throwing trick and it definitely isn’t this show :)

      • MBLAQ is hosting season 5 of “idol show” (preview trailer here) –>

        I personally think they will be awesome on it (although im still not sure about having female mcs – but maybe thats cuz i just loved boom’s role so much)
        If you think about it too, 2pm had a suave guy appeal too (and i still dont think they lost that) – but they were able to get more individual attention and a cute side as well from this show

        Hopefully it does the same for MBLAQ!!!

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