Posted by: beckery | November 26, 2009

DBSK and Big Bang at 2009 Best Hits

DBSK – Interview before show Well that was…rather awkward :/ I think everyone was really looking forward to seeing all 5 on stage again but THIS…hurts my heart ;___; Everyone either looked pretty much emotionless or depressed. Do you see that brick wall built between Changmin and Jaejoong?!? Because I thought I did, or maybe I’m just thinking too much. I hope so anyways. Changmin was practically glued to Yunho’s side. And Jaejoong’s face was just..painful to watch. I WANT THE SMILES AND SUNSHINE BACK PLEASE ;___;

DBSK – Stand By U performance 2.30 is hardly long enough T_T Why’d they have to make it so short?! I thought they sounded really good actually, but like…it just feels weird? Changmin and Yunho’s faces at 1.57 sorta kills me. It’s like they’re not really putting their souls into it? I hope the opposite is happening behind the stage and they’re actually glomping and hugging eachother so hard they can’t breath!

DBSK – Interview after performance Short interview is short. Awkward interview needs more smiles and laughs DDDDDDDDD:

Big Bang – Gara Gara Go! Performance I should have watched Big Bang first cuz now I can’t even concentrate on their performance properly T_T They were definitely into their performance though. They had alot of adlibs and shouting going on haha. But their performance was pretty short? :/


  1. D: i wish i could break down the gap ):

    • Don’t we all? I wish they’d smile and hug eachother so much they can’t breath :(

  2. Wow, the before performance interview is awkward. And yes, I agree, massive *BRICKWALL* between Jaemin…I hope all was well backstage, I miss their old hyper selves. :(

    • Yea, I was cringing throughout the interview. All of them looked like they were only physically there but their minds and souls were somewhere else. And the tension could break some ice. The brickwall needs to go :(

  3. I was anticipating them as five again.
    but i actually felt more heartbroken than ever after watching this T.T
    that gap btn changmin and jae was seriously very prominent… and jaechunsu was so quiet that its scary . and jae’s expressionless face.

    • I think most people felt the same. With JaeJoong’s speech at MAMA, I thought they were ok but damn that was just awkward. :/ Jae’s expression scared me the most tbh. It was very blank argh.

  4. OMG DBSK was so akward

    Changmin get closer to jeajoong he is not going to bite you!!

    • Totally agree. Changmin was glued to Yunho the whole time :(

  5. Jae looked like he was dead. But I wish they at least made the effort to make their Japanese fans not be worried because it’s their Korean contract that’s giving them trouble, not the AVEX contract. And the gap between Chang Min and Jae Joong is just too huge. And Yun Ho was the only one speaking…which made it weird as well.

    And the stand by u perf just really killed it for me. Chang Min and Yun Ho’s ‘im not interested’ look just made this DBSK perf depressing.

    But I’m glad Big Bang make a fun performance. It’s a nice breather from watching DBSK being all depressive.

    • I guess the whole thing is troubling them alot. Because normally they would be trying to hide it all, no matter who the fans are? Seeing them all show the pain on their faces means it must be pretty damn serious. D:

  6. I dont think they(Yunho and Changmin with Jae, Micky and Xiah) are allowed to talk to each other because of the contract issues. But I agree, this is very hard to watch, feels like they are just there for the sake of being there.

    I really hope they resolve the issue and SM makes some compromises!!! 3 individuals against 1 big empire is hard enough!

    • It’s so stupid. All of this. I wish it was over already. Seriously, can’t both sides give in a little. It’s affecting their friendship and that’s the most important thing :(

  7. I tend to stay away from the overzealous theorizing that fangirls tend to do since it only causes worry and panic, but the JaeMin gap looks pretty real in the 1st interview. Also it’s pretty hard to ignore how Jae looks so miserable these days. Even when they were accepting their award at MAMA he looked a few seconds away from tears. D= And not the happy kind.
    I was hoping that Dbsk’s issues were purely legal, but there is possibly a schism between the guys themselves.</3

    Big Bang is full of energy as usual.^^ TOP and GD have gigantic hair. It's nice that they're using more Japanese in their songs now.

    • Yea same. At first I read all the comments and thought “oh it cant be that bad, maybe everyone is just overthinking it” but then I watched it and shit just got real, pretty much :/ It was very obvious and it hurts. DDDDD:

  8. OMO! This is so…


    i cant bear to watch this.
    look at changmin’s “omgthisissonotcomfortableimsofakingit” smile.


    • I think everyone is thinking the same. This is really depressing ;___; I hope it ends soon

    • I think everyone is thinking the same thing ;_____________; I hope it ends soon

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