Posted by: beckery | November 26, 2009

SHINee – Nana’s B CF

Credit: randy19974 @ youtube

Just a quick note. Candychu is currently off on holidays so I’ll probably be taking over the SHINee posts whilst she’s gone. Of course, I’m probably not as great as she is, but I’ll try my best! Plus, my love for these boys have suddenly shot upwards out of nowhere so don’t be surprised if I’m going all pedo-noona on them XDD lol.

The theme is “Can I touch your face?” and OMG they’re so adorable-y awkward XDDD Jonghyun couldn’t film cuz he was down with Swine Flu (which Taemin was recently diagnosed with so hope the boy has a speedy and full recovery cuz he’s already skin and bones as it is :/).

Onew was probably the most natural out of all 4 and omg HIS SMILE WAS SO FREAKIN CUTE :333 Taemin is so awkward and innocent and clueless haha. Minho‘s eyes could make me drown. They were like TWINKLING and his deep, deep voice *__* Key WAS HILARIOUS. I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING AT HIS EXPRESSION!!! HAHAHA XDDDDDDDDD



  1. I think Minho was the best, he seemed to have acted it out well.

    • I actually thought Onew was the best? Lol. Minho looked really awkward. Actually they were all pretty awkward rofl. ‘

      Was the link for a specific reason?

  2. While I do find these hilarious, I can’t really blame them b/c just how do you ask a girl “Can I STROKE YOUR FACE?!” without being awkward?

    Poor maknae. D= While he is mighty bony, Taemin seems to be a strong, healthy 16 yr old, so no worries. Maybe he should just infect Minho now and get it out of the way. lol

    • ROFL. I thought it was rather awkward = hilarious. But after watching it a few times it ended up being rather cute. Hahahaha. The concept is definitely weird though :/

      LOL. I guess them all being sick just proves they spend alot of quality time together XD

  3. Minho…the gentle smile at the end….

    • His eyes were adorable :3

  4. Key didn’t seem very happy XD

    • Hahaha when is he happy? He looks like he’s about to slap you if you don’t let him touch your face XDDDDDDDDDD

  5. whole thing; i could not stop laughing, LOL I’M SCARED OF WATCHING IT AGAIN, IN CASE I LAUGH FOR THE WHOLE THING.
    so awkward and so creepy.

    • HAHAHAHA. IT WASNT THAT BAD. It was wtf the first time. Creepy the second. Hilarious/awkward the third. THen cute the fourth XP

  6. ROFL I knew someone else found these commercials creepy!(except for Onew^^)

    Horror vers.


  7. i want to see this

  8. Key looked so fascinated, and I just burst out into laughter when he came up.


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