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You’re Beautiful Ep.14 Reality Index


Those fangirls on the bus who started screaming after they saw Taekyung and Minam? Yea, if I was on a bus and I saw, say JGS, I would’ve used the emergency hammer to smash the safety glass and run after JGS, with arms flailing in the air :)

Minam sitting at the bus stop laughing and crying – Plus 20. Park ShinHye is adorable <3

I love Jeremy, and I definitely wouldn’t mind listening to his voice on the radio, but artists don’t have the freedom to make their own schedules :/ – Minus 50. Jeremy would need to at least call his manager before he can tell people that he’s going on their radio show.

I love how in Minam’s imagination, Taekyung is either gay (piano scene) or really mean XDDD – Plus 20

It’s cute how Taekyung kept using “like” in relation to food, but damnit I wanted to see them eat sushi together :/ – Minus 10

Taekyung’s mum confuses me as much as she annoys me. So when she first saw Minam and mistook her for her brother, she thought she looked like her/his dad and liked her/him, but then when she found out Minam was really Minyu, she no longer looked like her dad to her, but her mum (despite the fact that Minam and Minyu are meant to be “identical”), and she dislikes Taekyung and wanted to be the twins’ mum, but now she’s hating on Minyu cos she looks like her mum and she wants to hurt Minyu and stop her from hurting Taekyung, who she doesn’t even care about. OW MY HEAD. Minus 70, Taekyung’s Mum – DNW.


One thing I don’t like about this drama? THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE KISSING SCENES. Seriously, there are way too many hugs where there should be kisses. This isn’t Bollywood. NEEDS MORE ACTION. – Minus 90. When Taekyung showed Manager Ma “The Truth” about him and Minam, he should’ve KISSED her =.=

Lol, I’ve noticed that pretty much every drama has an obligatory “bus chase” XD

Omg Jeremy’s “Why can’t it be me ;_;” broke my heart ;___________;


JEREMY CRYING WHILE SINGING ;____________________; JEREMYYYYY, COME HERE AND LET NOONA SUFFOCATE YOU WITH HUGS. I’m sorry I ever doubted Hongki’s acting skills; he’s really good! And you know that an actor’s crying for real when he has trouble getting words out ;___; – Plus 500

Jeremy crying was really sad, but the saddest bit for me was when he jumped off the bus and turned back to “happy Jeremy” ;______________; MY POOR BB. COME TO NOONA’S HOUSE TO CRY, NOONA HAS ICE CREAM.

It was totally reasonable of Taekyung to walk out when those two men were talking about how his mum had relationships with lots of men before – Plus 20. It would be so weird to hear about your mother’s past relationships with various men :/

ROFL at Taekyung getting mad cos Minam didn’t call him – Plus 20. Oh Taekyung, why are you so special :P

Hahahahaha at Taekyung’s excuse for taking Minam to the movies XDDD – Plus 20 for creativity XDD

Taekyung and Minam falling asleep on each other – Plus 20000. OMG SO CUTE. JGS AND PSH SHOULD DATE IRL.

AWW THEY KISSED – Plus 500. But ew it looked super awkward – Minus 100. I don’t expect him to eat her or anything, but their heads should at least move a little…

“Jeremy Oppa’s voice was a little shaky when he was singing on the radio, is he ok?” – Minus 50. Number one: you’d have to be close to deaf if you couldn’t tell that Jeremy was actually crying, and number two: fans are SMART, ok, they notice even the slightest change in tone.

The thing that Shinwoo’s mum gave Minam looked like it was wrapped in a Christmas gift box :/And that gift came out of the bag that Shinwoo carried on to the plane with him…which means….SHINWOO CARRIED LIQUID ON TO A PLANE :OOOO See, I always knew he wasn’t 100% perfect :P

Shinwoo is finally starting to be a bit assertive. The show’s ending in two eps, but better late than never, yes? – Plus 50

LMAO at President Ahn getting all his staff to chant “jackpot” with him XDDD – Plus 50 for President Ahn’s awesomeness

Didn’t Minam get plastic surgery on his eyelids? And he had to go to America to fix them, yea? So why does the Minam now still look exactly like Park Shin Hye =.= – Minus 300. They should’v e gotten a new actor to play post-surgery Minam, it would’ve opened up opportunities for the plot to have Minam/Minyu interaction =.= I WANTED HEECHUL TO BE THE NEW MINAM. He’s such BFFs with both Hongki and JGS, it would’ve been perfect ;___;

The star necklace is pretty *O* – Plus 200. I bet that’s going to sell really well…. It’s a bonus that it looks nice (-er than BOF’s :P)

The Minam/Taekyung/Taekyung’s Mum scenes bored me, so I cbs rewatching to write points for the index XD

I think PSH is adorable, but ARGH Minam sometimes annoy me SO much :/ Eg. she was so GRRR before when she confronted Taekyung’s Mum about her parents and her mum’s death, but then when Taekyung started yelling at her, she was all ;___; and didn’t even defend herself =.= – Minus 30. When the main girl is too nice, it gets annoying.

I like how, when PSH does a crying scene, she actually cries and not just gaze into afar with glassy eyes and like, one tear rolling down her cheek XD – Plus 20 for acting skillz~~

Shinwoo is my bias, but why is that boy always in some corner lurking when Taekyung and Minam are having a serious conversation XDD

Can’t embed a picture or reply to comments till tomorrow, cos I’m writing this on my friend’s computer and her internet’s capped T___T

The show’s ending tomorrow! I still don’t know if I want a Season Two….what do you guys think? I’m going to miss A.N.Jell, yes, but I don’t want the show to get too draggy and boring…


  1. this ep is pone of my favs simply because of the A.N.Jell fanfction thing and JERMET ACTUALLY READING THEM!!!!! *fangirl squeeeeeeee to death* i wish i know a site with A.N.Jell fanfiction , i searched but i didnt find any

    and Hongki crying scene T-T me 2 im sorry i questioned ur acting skiils Hongki u were amazing

    • You know, I always wonder if celebrities actually read fanfics written about them, and if they do, what they think of stuff that happens. I don’t read fanfiction about real people (lol they freak me out XD) but omg I’ve been linked to some HILARIOUSLY bad ones before XDDD

  2. was trying to watch the last 2 epis. but viikii isnt loading. ahhh… shucks… always sucks when a good drama ends. it feels like ive lost a purpose in my everyday life ;d

    • IKR! I used to get up early every Thursday and Friday morning to download YB, and now there’s nothing to download anymore ;___;


  3. THIS DRAMA WAS niceee!~ XD
    and mayyybe i want a season 2, but i’m not sure, i’m sure i want more of a.n. jell though ^^

    • I need to see more of A.N.JELL! I hope they’ll go on some variety shows together ^_____^

  4. awwww~~~ its over. =[ =[ I LOVE AN JELL. hope they get a chance to perform in music shows as a group. shucks, i’m having HTK withdrawal symptoms. suddenly feel so empty within. O.o

    • I WANT THEM TO PERFORM AT THE MELON AWARDS :D JGS is hosting it, so he should let his own band perform *_____*

  5. I finally had time to watch You’re beautiful, I’ve watched all the episodes (except for the last 2) in a week or so XD And then I read all your reality indexes, they’re so much fun :DD

    Hongki’s acting was so great in this episode, he actually made me cryyy ;___; Jeremy is such a funny character and seeing him cry like that just broke my heart ;__;
    That fanfiction parody was so awesome hahahaha! Jeremy actually reading fanfiction made it even funnier! XD

    This drama’s so good, I’m going to miss it when I’ve finished the last two episodes.. :(

    • Hahahaha lucky you :P I only got 2 episodes per week, and let me tell you, THE WAIT WAS AGONY D;

      I didn’t expect this drama to be so awesome (I mean that in the nicest possible way :P) cos Kdramas are normally really draggy and overly dramatic, but omg this is the second Kdrama I’ve ever finished (BOF was the first, but let’s not count it cos I only watched it for the eyecandy :P) and it went by so fast! I MUST HAVE A SEASON TWO.

  6. LOL at your bus scenario! This makes me curious, have you ever stalked a celeb before?

    Taekyung was so cute in this episode! I just love the way he and MN interact, especially when she teases him, sometimes without knowing she’s doing it XD The whole ‘like’ part was so cute!! I would’ve reacted exactly like MN did :P

    The other focus in this epi, JEREMY!! I just wanted to give him a big hug ;_; It didn’t help that the song was happy! Aww…you know, this is like the only drama where I wouldn’t mind who the lead girl ends up with. They’re all so perfect! *envy*

    The mum storyline got a little too brainbreaking toward the end, but I would’ve liked it more if she and TK had more scenes together that explored their relationship, cos both actors are really good.

    • Reply to other comment:

      Yup, Uni of Canterbury it is! I’m going to be studying Biochemistry :) Are your friends kpop fans too?

      Freezing?! I’m in Malaysia, winter doesn’t exist here XD How low is the average temperature, do you know? Most people tell me that China and Korea is a LOT colder than NZ.

      I’m going to be staying in a hostel, and now I’m really really hoping there’s good internet. Or I will be very sad :( Yup I have a couple of friends staying in Melbourne, and they told me most shops close at 5 D: Over here the malls close at 10! I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself, haha, so fingers crossed for internet!

      YUM cookies!! That is one thing I’ll be looking forward to! That and….er. The scenery, I suppose? Haha I suspect that the reason my parents are happy about me in NZ is the supposed boringness of it~

      • Lol nope, my friends are either white, or completely white-washed XD But it’s ok, there are lots of asians in Christchurch, I’m sure you’ll make lots of friends :) Apparently, there’s even a small Chinese grocer on campus!

        The average temperature in Winter should be higher than in China and Korea (I’m not sure what the temperature is exactly :S) but you FEEL the cold more there. It’s really rainy and wet there, and the heating in some places isn’t very good, so make sure you take some warm clothes with you! Oh, and I definitely recommend an electric blanket for winter!

        ROFL omg Melbourne is like New York compared to Christchurch XDD HAHA I’m not a very good Kiwi, am I :P But it’s ok, you’ll have internet :)) And just think how much more you’ll appreciate Malaysia after staying in NZ for a few months LOL. Nah, it’s not that bad, the scenery is good, and you can use this opportunity to learn to ski/snowboard :D!

        Let me know what you think of NZ when you get there!!


      Ok, so at the end of last year, Candychu and I met up in HongKong (I was there holidaying with a friend, she was there staying with family) and I don’t know if you’ve ever been to HK, but during rush hour, the subway is PACKED and you’re lucky if you get standing space. Anyway, the three of us (me, candychu and my friend) got on the subway, and instead of standing near the door (where it was kinda still roomy) Candychu dragged us to the middle of the carriage, where it was all cramped and crowded.

      While we stood there, Candychu kept motioning towards the guy who was standing next to me, and mouthing stuff. I couldn’t distinguish what it was she was trying to say, so I looked over at the guy (who was tall, dark and handsome, btw) and saw him deeply engrossed in a magazine. Knowing Candychu and her way of thinking, I thought she was trying to tell me that the guy was reading p0rn, so I just looked at her and shrugged. But then she kept pointing at him and, finally after about 5 minutes of miming, she got out her phone, typed “HE’S A CELEBRITY” and showed me. So then I was like “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” XDDD I don’t know my HK celebs very well, and had no idea who he was, but he was hot and supposedly famous, so Candychu and I kept staring at him. Unfortunately for us, he got off the subway at the next stop :/ Probably because we were staring at him too intently XD

      And yea, that’s my only celebrity encounter. Oh, and the first Australian Idol winner used to teach at my school :D

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