Posted by: beckery | November 28, 2009

091127 Music Bank

Pretty much: 2PM WON ♥♥♥♥♥♥, Wooyoung needs to smile more before I fly to Korea and put him on laughing gas lol, no SHINee performance (because Taemin is still sick, the poor bb), no MBLAQ either (because Joon and Thunder are both sick. Swine flu needs to gtfo already T_T), After School had their comeback stage and it was ss501’s good bye performance for Music Bank.

2PM – Heartbeat I really, really don’t like their suits :/ I’ve watched all their “Heartbeat” performances so far, so I really don’t have much to say about them haha. The usual “great performance as always” XD. Junsu ends it this time with a “I’m trying to strangle myself” move, which was quite nifty actually! So…who’s next? If I remember correctly, I’ve seen Junho, Chansung, Wooyoung, Taec and now Junsu. So Khun and Jay left?

2PM- Winning :DDDDDDDDDDD With SHINee having won their triple crown, I hope it’s 2PM’s turn for Inki haha. Greedy much? XD You can’t really see it here, but there’s pictures floating around of Doojoon (Beast) hugging Junho, which is all sorts of cute <3 AND I SPOT WOOYOUNG SMILING!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS THESE DAYS?!!?! ;_____;

2PM – Encore (fancam) Music Bank decided to cut the encore performance T_T, but it’s all good cuz this fancam was great!! White jacket boy is SooHyun (U-Kiss) and it was really cute seeing them all interact ^__^ He took over Taec’s beginning and when Chansung sits up to push him down, you can see Junho doing the same to Taec on the side (under Chansung’s instructions) HAHAHA. They do alot of mucking around and even tried to annoy Wooyoung, but that boy is so serious that it scares me. I want smiley/crazy Wooyoung back DDD: And from all the fancams I’ve seen, it looks like Chansung and Taec are being extra crazy these days ♥♥♥

After School – Because of You (Comeback) This song has been playing quite a bit on my play list since its release. I really, really like it!!! I know some of the members but I’m not that familiar with them and they just got 2 more members? I might start learning names when I have time haha. I was very impressed. It was a solid performance and they look so fierce!!

SS501 – Love like this (Goodbye) I can’t believe they’re ending promotions already! D: They haven’t been performing much and plus, I was hoping they’d start promoting “Wasteland” (my favourite from the album) next lol. TBH, I thought their first few performances of “Love like this” were a bit shaky, but they’ve definitely improved! I sorta feel bad that they didn’t win that many awards, but they know they’re loved :DD Oh and Hyunjoong’s smile is gorgeous here, just saying haha.

Beast – Bad Girl Leader Doojoon is back!!!!!!!! KiKwang’s shirt lift *_*, what a little teaser haha. I get so excited when I see the DooSeob moments XDD It was at a different part this time but I SEE YOU SMACKING LEADER’S BUTT!!!! And Yoseob’s cap tricks are awesome :D

H-Eugene ft Sunday – Love Warning Was meaning to watch all their other performances but I kept forgetting. So first time listening to the song and first time watching their performance. H-Eugene collaborations are usually good. Sunday sounds great, but…the song is only ok? A few more listens perhaps?

Wheesung – Tears keep flowing and flowing I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but I love Wheesung’s album!!!! Personally, I thought it was one of the most solid albums I’ve heard this year. I’m a sucker when it comes to a strong voice and RnB songs, so he hit all my weaknesses haha. I’m very excited about all these Wheesung and Ne-Yo news I’ve been hearing ;DDD

U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni Yeap, I’m still pretty addicted to this song ^^. And nope, I still haven’t learnt all their names yet. I’ll get there…sometime lol. Their stylists should have just left the jackets as it is instead of sticking random fur and feather on it XDDD And on a random note, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE KEY DANCE TO THIS ON MAGNAE REBELLION!!!


  1. shinee’s here in th philippines for phil-korea concert~ sad to say~ i can’t go~ they’re having there cocnert ryt now~ my mo wouldn’t allow me coz it’s far from here… TT.TT

    • Lol I’m stuck all the way in Australia so the chances of them coming is much more smaller. I’m sure they’ll come again soon and maybe you can go then? :D

  2. mm… how come ss501 says goodbye so soon? im guessing cos they’re super busy? unlike rookies like beast. they can perform forever. hahaha.. not that im complaining or anything.

    i like man man ha ni too! *does the shoulder sway* they sing well.. at least the 5 of them that actually sing in the song *_*

    2pm! congrats~ n i just got myself a woo bunny hoodie!! excited. i hope he returns to his funny, jolly ssanti self soon.. >_<

    • Yea I think they’re doing overseas promotions now? I’m not too sure. It just feels like we didn’t get enough of them. Though, I gotta say DSP sorta sucks in promotion haha.

      Yay! I know some people who don’t like Man Man Ha Ni because of all the autotune but IT’S SO ADDICTIVE!

      Wooyoung makes me sad D:



    I haven’t watched the perf yet, they are loading!

      aaaah can’t wait can’t wait. lol at the game at the end!

      • :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Have you seen it? It was aired last night? IT WAS SO SHORT THOUGH ;_________; I WANTED MORE LOL. But then Key did all these girl dances too and it was epic win haha

  4. YAY 2PM ;__; CONGRATS BOYS (but i miss wooyoung’s poison cheeks and smiles so much)

    I love After School’s new songs already, and seeing as how I already knew the members, it wasn’t hard to remember. Plus, I’m glad one of the new members is a singer because I love AS but Jungah was the only one carrying the adlibs and stuff before.

    AND MAN MAN HA NI IS MY FAVOURITE SONG THIS MONTH, it’s so addictive ihni… you make me pissed off kekekeke

    • SAME RIGHT. At first I didn’t notice it but now that I keep noticing him, it breaks my heart cuz he looks so….depressed and always by himself. D: He needs to be like Taec and Chansung and go crazy more :(

      Lol…My knowledge on AS fails me XDD So many boy bands atm that I don’t have much time for anything else haha.


      • But AS are nice sexy ladies who are refreshing between all the boybands (ngl though, boybands are preferred), I wish they would do a song like ah again, or release a full ver. of play girlz.

        YES, this is one of the only times I find autotune working and working well


    • :DDDDDDDDDDDDD Thanks. I saw these the first thing this morning. It was practically everywhere haha. Will put up a post but I might wait till subbed stuff comes out :D

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