Posted by: beckery | November 30, 2009

091129 Inkigayo


And to celebrate, I give you this:

Credits: bbgroove@LJ

Still alive!? ROFL, I was pretty klajlkfsjlskjfs :Q___ when I saw it too. Taec really knows how to drive the fangirls crazy. I’m so happy for them, they’re getting well deserved love these days ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Other special stages include: After School’s comeback, SHINee performing ‘Ring Ding Dong’ remix without Taemin, Beast performing ‘Bad Girl’ remix and SS501’s last goodbye stage ;_____;

2PM – Heartbeat Everyone’s read about Taec’s gross fan letter right? I read that before watching the performance and all that red paint splatter on the background made me cringe :X

I think everyone would agree that this is probably the best ‘Heartbeat’ ending EVER!!! Taec is such a BEAST, I love it. But now that he’s done this, their normal flips can’t really compare anymore hahaha. So does that mean THEY’RE ALL GOING TO BE RIPPING THEIR SHIRTS NOW!?!?! BECAUSE I WOULDN’T MIND THAT AT ALL. EVEN IF THAT MEANT HAVING NOSEBLEEDS EVERY SINGLE TIME *_______*

2PM – Winning Take 7 had K.Will, Park Bom, Taeyang, SS501, U-Kiss, BEG, and 2PM. So it was pretty tough competition :DD Chansung jumping on Wooyoung’s back and Wooyoung leaning all over Chansung made me really happy. BECAUSE WOOYOUNG IS SMILING ^___^ And their mention of Jay, of course. ROFL CHANSUNG’S ‘JAYYYYYY ARGHHH” XDDDD They’re so cute pulling Kim Tae Woo and Beast on stage with them <33

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong Remix They need rest, like RIGHT NOW!!! At first I was laughing at how confused Onew looked throughout the whole thing. He was dancing everywhere, haha, that precious boy ♥ :33 But then I rewatched it and they look and sound so tired. No smiles, no attitude, even Key’s fierce was a tad low. They didn’t even look like they were enjoying the performance and I feel so bad for them. DDDD: The remix sounds good though. Just more rest and Taemin back please. I adore Minho but..he’s just not really meant for that part haha XD

SS501 – Love Like This (Goodbye stage) LAST PERFORMANCE ALREADY ;___________; I feel like I haven’t seen them enough this promotion period. They’ve been on what? 2/3 variety shows? Jungmin needs to go on more shows, I love how batshit crazy he gets hahahaha. Their clothes are very nice here though, I APPROVE SO HARD!!! Everyone looks positively drool worthy (minus Baby’s hair lol). They sound fantastic aswell, pretty much spot on. And their smiles and smirks and winks. Gosh, I’ll miss it. <3333

After School – When I fall + Because of You (Comeback) I really like both songs, but “Because of you” a tad more :D Their white outfits are really hot. So I did a quick research and Raina and Gahee stands out to me most atm. Especially Raina’s voice!! I’m really impressed.

Beast – Bad Girl Remix Beast always makes me smile when I watch their performances. It’s probably because they’re all ^___^ and just wham pack with energy that it makes me smile too. Dance interlude was awesome!  

Taeyang – Wedding Dress I’m really surprised because all my non K-pop friends even like this song. Like I give them alot of K-pop songs and they’re all like “yea yea” but for some reason, they’re all digging this song haha. The fan cheers were great!!


  1. AHHH Taecyeon <3 Thanks for the hot gif XD
    …but ewww I thought of the disgusting fan letter when I saw the red paint, too :X Anyways, 2PM's perf was really goood, I don't like their suits though…. haha! I really like the dance and the boys never fail to impress me. AND the ending was seriously awesome *__* XD I'm so happy they won, we all know they deserve it!! :DD Chansung's "JAYYY!" was so cute <3

    SHINee's remix sounded really nice, but yeah, they look so tired :/ Onew and Jonghyun just came back too quickly, I hope they don't get sick again or anything… I miss Taemin :(

    Beast's remix was good too!! I really like it how they're all so smiley and cute! <3

    • Yea, I really dont like the half black and half pattern thing going on on their suits :/ They wore all black once and it was hot. I don’t know why they dont wear it more often haha. But I love how they always change the ending. IT MAKES ME HAPPY :DDDDDDD

      Onew was so lost, the poor thing. My heart broke DD: And I think Jjong cracked once :/ I hope they get more rest.

      Beast are always adorable :D

  2. Puzzles me why tae yang isnt getting the amount of love he so rightly deserves, i mean has everyone gone tone/swagga/hotness deaf?? Wedding dress is like blowing all the other ‘heard it all b4’ tunes out the water in every aspect but still people arent feelin it, why oh why!!! Ty mad love from london, me and my girl who first intro me to kpop r all goin gaga for WD-bae bae fighting!!!

    • Really!? I know ALOT of people who loves Wedding Dress. And those people aren’t even into Kpop but they still love Wedding Dress. I’m sure he’ll start winning awards soon for it :)

  3. everyone of the groups i liked r doing new mixes! onew looks really lost n confused n tired… >_<

    taec's ending is the best one so far! gahhss *fangirlism*

    beast <3

    congrats 2pm on winning :))

    • I love remixes. But I wouldn’t mind if Beast started promoting another song :DDD haha. Yea, Onew :( but Taec was :D LOL

  4. omg SHINee…. ㅠ.ㅠ
    poor Onew he looked really tired and kinda pissed at himself half-way through… He looked so LOST!

    Ahhh I hope they get rest and can come back refreshed!

    • I think he was really frustrated cuz he obviously didn’t know the steps for the remix parts. I hope he doesn’t blame himself too much.

  5. OMG the gif killed me! Was so not expecting that XD Anyway, yay for 2pm winning, they deserve this so much!! <3 Off to watch the performance now!!

    • :DDDDDDDD I’m so happy 2PM are winning alot of stuff these days. And I love how they always give Jay a shout out in their speech <3

  6. lol 2pm blooded stage is really ironic, poor teack when i first read the news about the little i was in between loling my head of and trying not to vomit from disctness , really i dont want to repeat that felling again

    T-T my shinee boys really need to rest i loved the remix but thay look SO tired

    • Yea, it’s really disturbing and disgusting :/ I hope he never finds out about it haha. The remix is awesome, they just need Taemin back and to have some rest :)

  7. same here! all my non-kpop friends love taeyang’s wedding dress. and i mean ALL of them. some of my friends are the ones that would say something like “you’re weird (for liking kpop b.c. dont understand it)” but this time all of them love wedding dress. it’s amazing haha

    • Hahahhaah I KNOW RIGHT. I have the song on my msn pm and everyone’s like “what’s wedding dress?” so I show them the song and then they all ask for the mp3 cuz “it’s pretty good” Hahhaa. I was like “SEE MY KPOP IS AWESOME” :DDD

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