Posted by: beckery | November 30, 2009

T-ara – Like The Beginning & Bo Peep Peep MV

Their full album was released a few days ago. I had a quick listen to it and I really like what I’m hearing so far. A pretty solid album, which I might do a review for if I have time. Their promotion method this time round is pretty interesting too. We apparently get to choose their title track? :DDD

Like The Beginning This is probably the first song that stood out to me from the album. I’m loving it more and more, especially the chorus <3 Hyomin is positively adorable in the MV. The MV was only ok, sorta reminds me of Suju M’s “Super Girl” because of the transformation thing etc. Their concept/theme was sorta weird aswell. Not digging their hair that much. I really liked Soyeon’s fierce red hair, but they all dyed their hair black here .__.

Bo Peep Bo Peep  19+ version I like the other song more than this so I really hope they promote the other one haha. No wonder they had to do another version of this MV, it was….very sexy lol. I didn’t really like their concept for this one either :X I do love them, I promise. Just this was rather weird?

Bo Peep Bo Peep 15+ version HAHA so this is like the cutesy version. I probably like this version more because they’re really cute here <33 And I can totally see people parody the “Bo peep bo peep” dance part. Jo Kwon and Key, I’m looking at you guys XPP Oh and I need more Eunjung everywhere please.



  1. idg the relation between a cat eyed girl and the bo beep sounds but like the beginning mv is cute :3 ohh and the dance moves are.. kinda interesting hehe. now that theyr back to dark hair i think i should learn names frm the scratch again @__@ which one is jiyem btw?

  2. *jiyeon. sry phone keypad is messed up

    • Lol nor do I to be honest. I thought Bo Peep sounded like a nursery rhyme at first then they released the MV and I got all confused. I don’t really understand their concept but I still love them anyways hahaha.

      For me, Jiyeon looks like Kim Tae Hee. Like ALOT. She’s also the one that was the main girl for their Apple Song CF. They’re really easy once you get the hang of it haha ;D

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