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091128 Idol Maknae Rebellion ft SHINee Subbed

Credit: Kompilations @ Youtube

Part 1

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Everyone’s been waiting for this yes, yes?!?! I’m nearly capped so I have to wait till tonight to finish watching it DD: BUT from what I’ve seen so far, it looks hilarious. SHINee are so bad-ass and cocky I love it. And the other team is like dumb and dumber hahahahaha <3333

So I just finished the episode and it was pretty good. KEY TOTALLY OWNED EVERYONE, NO JOKE. He was oozing with manliness, that I didn’t know he had hahaha XDDD Not enough Taemin and Jonghyun in this though, but I’m hoping they’ll have more screen time in the next episode ;)

Part 1

  • I love the way SHINee were strutting their stuff when they first entered. Especially Jonghyun and Key being all “we’re top shit” hahaha. I think they do pull off the fierce quite well but that doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh at how hard Jonghyun was trying to play cool. We all know he’s a big dork inside haha.
  • Seunghyun (or was it Jinwoon?) who asked them how old they were to use informal language and Jjong is all “OLDER THAN YOU!!!” hahaha. Someone just got owned XD
  • Taemin pretending to betray SHINee to go onto the other team, only to say “I’m just kidding” rofl. Jinwoon’s expression was hilarious!!
  • Maknae rebellion’s greeting being a rip off of Super Junior’s lol.
  • Key telling them to call themselves the “Old” team because they all look older than their age. I love how Key says all this harsh stuff whilst keeping a completely straight face. Lol that biatch <3

Part 2

  • First match is the “Internet search ranking battle”.
  • Yoonhwa’s (T-max’s magnae) ranking went from 8993 –> 902 after the show started. O___O That is insane!!!
  • SHINee is 9 ♥♥
  • Jonghyun is 94 and related searches include ” Jonghyun’s voice cracking” ROFLMAO. It was when he just recovered from Swine Flu and had to perform cuz Onew was sick. I remember trying to count how many times he cracked in that performance and it turns out it was 4? Understandable cuz the boy was sick XP
  • Taemin is 115. :D
  • They talk about Key’s ranking and Seunghyun is like “Super Junior’s Kibum will appear” hahaha. But Key gets 103, which makes everyone jealous. And related search is “ways to grow taller”. WTF? HAHAHAHA. Also, “Nicole, Hara, Key” scandal comes up as a search term, but Jinwoon and Key clears it up…well sort of. In the end Key points the finger at Jinwoon anyways haha.
  • Dongho is 22!!!!! Omg, I didn’t realise he was that popular. But the boy sure is adorable :3

Part 3

  • Time for talent show and Key imitates Seunghyun’s rap in “I Hope”. He wins that round easily.
  • So of course he goes on and imitates the “Man Man Ha Ni” dance. IT WAS SO FUNNY. I don’t know but he looked like a gorilla or something trying to buff up his shoulders lol.
  • Dongho imitating Jonghyun’s part in LLO reminded me of Onew’s duck imitation hahaha XDD They totally should have a show down!
  • The Magnae team comes out to do the Abracadabra dance. I think Seunghyun also did it on FBG with SHINee last time? The boy can be pretty diva!!
  • Key doesn’t lose and boasts about his talent in memorising dances. He proves it by doing all the girl group dances. And I gotta give it to him. He seriously knows everything!!! AND ROCKED THEM TOO.♥♥♥
  • Then they start measuring to see who has the smallest face? HAHAA. I don’t know. It’s pretty random. And Yoonhwa whipping out the measuring tape from nowhere was so cute.

Part 4

  • They measure Taemin’s head and look at that boy, of course he’ll win!!! Jjong fixing his hair after was adorable :3
  • Seunghyun doesn’t admit defeat and just starts blabbering about..Idek what. That weird boy hahaha. He’s always been a bit of a 4D person.
  • ROFLMAO DID THEY JUST USE GG?!?!?! Why do I find that hilarious.?
  • They then play the breaking tiles game. It looks painful, tbh :/ But Dongho breaks 7/10 tiles and claims it was easy. I think it’s more of a boys and their ego thing lol.
  • Then it’s Key’s turn and he freaks out. That girl!!! Even his war cry sounded really girly to me ROFL. But he broke them all, which amazed me O_____O Where’d he get that strength from?!?!!?
  • Yoonhwa breaks all of them too. So does Jonghyun. And omg he looked so manly :Q___ LIKE REALLY MANLY.
  • Seunghyun only breaks 8/10 and Dongho comes and breaks the rest. He’s really, really cute! :3
  • Taemin’s aim was a bit off and only broke 5 haha.
  • I’ll say it again, DONGHO IS FREAKIN’ ADORABLE <3333

Part 5

  • Jinwoon FLEW~~~~ and broke all 10 :DDD
  • They increase the number of tiles to 15 and Yoonhwa only got 4. But the way he hit it looked really painful. I hope he didn’t get hurt :/
  • Almighty Key got 14 and did the weirdest victory dance. Lol, I have no idea where he suddenly got all this manliness from XD
  • Jinwoon, “who goes the gym everyday”, only managed to break 13. There there bb, we still love you anyways.
  • Anyways, what I was flipping out at is the fact that Jinwoon and Key looks/sounds close!!! That makes me smile ALOT ^_____^ Key patting Jinwoon’s face at 6.30 was totally adorable. Can I ship them please? ♥♥

Part 6

  • Then it’s time for the pole battle. Seunghyun vs Key first. Both sound ridiculously confident, especially fierce Key. KEY IS SUCH A BULLY ROFL. I love how he was singing whilst stepping all over Seunghyun, not to mention the tickle attack ROFLMAO.
  • Dongho vs Key. This game was so intense. I thought Dongho was going to win but Key was crazy fast and did some monkey move and managed to beat him. He’s totally pawning everyone today!!!! That boy is full of surprises!


  1. LOL Omg I’m on part 5 of the show & damn it’s hilarious! key really needs to be on a weekly variety show cause damn this boy is hilarious!!

    Question: Will you guys be doing a Album Review of C.N Blue’s new mini album?

    • I agree. Key is some awesome pawnage here. He should be a permanent member of the team hahaha.

      And um…I’m not really a fan of C.N Blue and to be honest, I haven’t tried out their songs.. haha. So probably not? :)

  2. thanks for this. i was looking everywhereeeee for subbed epis of this show but couldnt find any. not even the chinese subbed ones. gahs.. but im so happy to see shinee. n glad taemin’s recovered :)

    • Lol it’s ok. You should drop the youtube user a thank you comment. It was her hardwork for subbing the video :) But it was so good right? Can’t wait for the next episode!

  3. this episode was all key <3 i love him he suprised me alot in this episode

    i think Seunghyun have a crush on key (remembring FBG epi)

    YES i want to ship key andjinwoon with you , i didnt even know that thay knew each other let alonw being close thay were so adoreable

    i cant wait for the next api to who will dress as a girl i hope that we will get to see Gwiboon and teayon fron school of rock again XD

    • I know!! I was like “what, where did all this awesomeness come from Key?!?!” haha. I was totally surprised!! YES SHIP KEYWOON/KEYJIN WITH ME!!! <333333333 They're so cute together kajfklsajs.

  4. havent been on yt for yrs now but KEYxJINWOON are my favs of each group and I totally ship them ofc! XD

    • HAHAHA. How convenient for you! My favourite SHINee would either be Minho or Onew, but I can never choose properly. And for 2AM it would be either Jinwoon or Jo Kwon and again I can never choose. But whatever, I still ship KEYWOON/KEYJIN SO HARD :D

  5. is ANYONE subbing the whole show???
    Im searching desparately for the 2nd episode on~

  6. does anyone knows where i can watch the live stage of SHINee’s Ring ding dong where jonghyun’s voice cracked? i’m so awfully curious to hear it…

    i don’t know which date that live stage was on…

    • I think the one they referred to was the perf where Jjong just came back after recovering from swine flu. I think it’s the one with Leeteuk.

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