Posted by: beckery | December 2, 2009

Laugh of the day – The reason why DBSK will disband Parody

Credit: mybigkey @ youtube

I know it’s been rather tense lately when DBSK are involved so hopefully this will bring a few smiles to everyone. It’s just good fun and jokes, so don’t take it seriously ok. We know they don’t sing like STRANGLED CHICKENS in real life LOL. I laughed so hard at Yoochun’s part XDDDD


  1. LMAO Yoochun’s part was HILARIOUS!


  2. LOL!! Omg, that was funny. Gosh, hahaa!

    • Lol Agreed :D


    Wow that was sooo funny!!!!

    Btw where they singing the original lyrics? I couldn’t really hear well. The guy singing Yoochun’s crack was <3

    • I think they were? Lol I was too busy laughing at their high notes and strangled chicken sounds to even notice HAHA

  4. saw this yesterday and i cried, fell unto the floor, almost got choked (in short i almost died) with this one.

    the last yoochun scream = EPIC.

    • HAHAHAA. IT WAS SO GOOD. I watched it and went “OMFG I MUST SHARE THIS EPIC WIN” hahhahaha.

  5. Crying like seriously! X’DDDD
    Actually the guy doing Junsu wasn’t too bad. At first I was like, hm, Junsu sounds a little funny…lol

    • Yea! The guy doing Junsu was probably the best and Yoochun’s was definitely the worst lol XDDD

  6. This is HILARIOUS XD


  7. LOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. just please, don’t let this happen in real life. XDDD

    • LOL. I wouldn’t mind really if it was for a joke or something hahah. Just not when they’re doing a serious performance :D

  8. This is awesome sauce.

    • Agreed :)

  9. lmaoo XDDDDD YooChun’s part is the best!

  10. lol this is epic.. i’ve seen this before like a year ago XD and i was laughing so hard about it.. i bet the people who sang this song was having fun in a karaoke bar XD

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