Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 3, 2009

JJ Lin Coming Back With “100 Days”

Video: seahorse333 @ Youtube


Just found the preview for his newest song: “The Nth 100 Days” and had to share with everyone :) I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before, but JJ Lin’s one of my favourite artists; probably my favourite Cpop artist (next to Leehom <3) so I was so excited when I saw that he had a new album coming out December 18 :DDDDD (ARE YOU THERE, SPAZZES? COME CELEBRATE WITH MEEEE~~)

JJ lost his voice earlier this year (WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS TILL NOW. I AM A TERRIBLE FAN D;) and one night he thought that he couldn’t sing any more and was really depressed. For him, that night felt like “100 days”, and that’s how this song came about. THANK GOODNESS HE’S ALL BETTER NOW. NEVER LEAVE ME, JJ *_________________*


Haven’t had a chance to come online much recently because of work and some other commitments, so I’m still trying to catch up on all the fandom stuff I’ve missed (just watched Maknae Rebellion with SHINee, and omg, Seunghyun *_*) and will have the index for Ep.15 up tomorrow night :)


  1. i think his voice is hoarser now? but yeah… i like JJ too :)

    • I love his voice *____* So happy he’s better now :D!

  2. I love JJLin too. His voice is just gold. I’m happy to hear he has a new album out soon too!

    • I’m buying this for myself for Christmas :D Sad, I know :P

  3. is he going to put out a cd?

  4. I haven’t been keeping up with any Cpop news! JJ is my absolute fave Mandarin singer but I didn’t know he lost his voice too. Dang.

    • I’m so behind with Cpop news D; Do you have JJ on Facebook/Twitter? I just found them yesterday, and omg, he updates it so frequently!

  5. I AM HERE AND SPAZZIN! OMG. I’m sorry for misssing this post!!!

    I AM SO HAPPY :D :D :D!!! That’s also the day I get to finally go on my damn Christmas break so I will be extra happy. I LOVE JJ LIN :DDD. We have good taste *high fives* :)!!!

    • HELLO :D!

      I was all ;__; earlier this week when I found out that Jay and Leehom won’t be releasing anything this year, but THIS MAKES UP FOR IT. YAYYY JJ LINNNNN :DDD

      Do you have him on Twitter? He updates it so often, it’s great XD

  6. hi,is there a pre order going on in Singapore?

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