Posted by: beckery | December 4, 2009

091202 DBSK at FNS Awards 2009

Credit: jhocelynlokita2 @ youtube

Omg I was freaking out cuz nearlly all the clips on youtube are being deleted so you guys better watch it now before this one gets deleted too :/ I can’t find a single clip of their interview on youtube D: but I heard that it was a tad better than their last one?:)

They look totally gorgeous ♥♥♥♥ and the live orchestra was a nice touch. The performance was beautiful, especially “Stand By U”!. They all looked like they were really into it at the end with all the harmonizing going on. I’m just so glad to see them standing on stage together again ;____;. THE MORE THEY PERFORM TOGETHER THE LESS AWKWARD IT WILL BE :DDD


  1. yes yes ………….that very good porfomance waaaaaaaaaw

    • Yea. Much better than the last one :D

  2. this is so much better then there last one.
    and the interview jaejoong talked and smiled for a little bit. they all laughed a little. it was a sitdown interview so, yunho and jaejoong were in the first row and changmin, junsu and yoochun were in the back row. they were so much less awkward then the 2009 hits thing. they looked like they were depressed. i’m so happy i just hop this thing is over and htey can finally go back to the dorky dbsk we know.

    • Aww thanks for telling me. I couldn’t find an interview clip but like everyone said it was a tad better than the last one. At least Jae smiled here. He was so emotionless in the last one :/ Yea, I hope this all ends soon .__.

  3. watching this makes me miss the 5 of them together. ive been trying to stay away from their news cos its just sad…

    DBSK is the best n always will be. oh my gosh… have u guys heard them live??! *sighs*

    • I said I would try to avoid their news until good stuff happens but it’s so hard. Lol. So I just watch it, get depressed then look at the bright side of things. They will be ok!! Keep the faith yea! :D

  4. Hi, I found a clip of their interview.

    Hopefully it will still be around when you watch it… haha. They certainly dont look that awkward anymore :)

    • Thanks!! But by the time I got around to it, it was already removed haha. I guess it’s just not meant to be. That’s ok. As long as everyone is saying they look less awkward, I am happy :)

  5. OH! its so good to see them together with none of the shifty eyes and shuffling!!

    On a random note! Have you heard the news about the Xiah junsu village?! XDDD

    • Yes I have heard about the village named after Junsu. I thought it was really sweet haha and sorta random but still pretty cool!

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