Posted by: beckery | December 4, 2009

SHINee ft Sulli – Nana’s B CF

I’ll edit the post as the other versions come out :)

Minho 47 sec version: SHINEE IN UNIFORM ♥♥♥ :Q____ Especially Minho (cuz I’m biased like that :P) The uniform colour is really pretty too. I had to pause the clip at the part where Onew and Key were fanning that girl cuz I was laughing so hard. KEY WTF? XDDDD And Minho’s “can I touch your face once” is still creepy/awkward/cute/adorable when done to a real life person haha. BUT OMG THE ENDING WAS HILARIOUS ROFLMAO. Key’s “wth are you touching now?” killed me hahahahaha. And Onew’s “Oooohhhh” XDDD

A clip of the filming. Everyone’s adorable here. Minho playing peek a boo :3 Sulli’s drawing was really cute. And I spot Taemin doing the face stroking so does that mean they all have their own versions?!?! :D:D:D

Taemin’s 30 sec version: Taemin is so awkward and cute lol. They cut out the OnKey fanning part ._. and there’s no funny ending in this one.


  1. Why didn’t I ever have such pretty purple uniforms. The ending was SO RANDOM but I loved it hahaha. Key never fails to make me crack up ^^

    • I know! Their uniform is really nice lol. Key is so evil XDDD

  2. Onew looked so awkward yet cute at the end!! xD

    • LOL he’s just not meant for the teasing/bully type. Like he was all “ooohhh” and then turned to look at Key for approval and I thought it was so cute :333

  3. i like taemin’s cos its the smiley siblings!! (taemin + sulli) how can u resist ;D

    • You definitely can’t! They’re so cute!! :D

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