Posted by: beckery | December 5, 2009

091204 T-ara’s Comeback on Music Bank

Credit: CodeMonmonSeason5 @ youtube

I’m not sure if we have any T-ara lovers around here? But Candychu and I love the girls so I’ll still post them anyways and perhaps I’ll be able to convert some people haha.

They performed “Bo Peep Bo Peep” which was weird cuz I thought “Like the beginning” won the poll? Anyways, they look ridiculously cute and adorable here. I wanted to put them all in my pocket to take home hahaha. Their clothes are…a bit weird lol. THEY HAVE LIL TAILS/BUNS AT THE BACK OF THEIR SKIRT LOOOL. But their hair is cute. I swear, Eunjung pulls off every single hairstyle, the girl is gorgeous ♥♥ Their vocals were a bit weak but the song is really high and cutesy so I think they just need more practice. :DDD


  1. I love T-ara ;____; And, I THINK what happened with Bo Peep Bo Peep and Like the Beginning was that since Like the Beginning was only a little bit ahead, they’re going to go ahead and promote both, just Bo Peep Bo Peep for a shorter amount of time.

    I’m still reaaaaaally iffy about the clothes and the dance. I feel like even though the 19+ MV was really risque, the concept and dance matched better. I miss Soyeon’s fierce red hair though, what happened ;__; I’m loving Eunjung so much rn, not everyone can pull off all the hairstyles she’s had <333 I think part of the problem with the vocals was that it's a really high/autotuned song and they're not used to singing like that. Plus, Music Bank doesn't have as great of a sound system as MBC or SBS. So, crossing my fingers for improvement!

    • Oooooooooooooooooooo I see. Thanks for clearing it up! I remember seeing the poll results and yea, it was very close. I see I see haha.

      Yea, I actually expected them to be in leather and black when they’re performing this song so I was a bit surprised when they were wearing all this cutesy stuff haha. But I don’t know, I think they look really adorable so its ok. SOYEON’S RED HAIR WAS THE BEST THING EVER. I was so sad when they redyed it black!!! And I’m really Eunjung biased haha. Her and Soyeon are probably my top 2?

      I hope they perform their other song today or tomorrow. But yea, I’m sure they can do so much better. I know they can <333

      And weeeeeeeeeeee a T-ara lover *throws cookies at you*

  2. Hmm..I think I read on Kbites that they were gonna promote Bo peep Bo peep first even though Like the beginning won. Guess they weren’t expecting Like the beginning to win? But they said they’ll perform it later on in their promotions.
    I really was like “WTH” with the perf.
    It was cute but IDK lol & I think their stylists hate them! xD They always get weird/plain/unusual stage outfits lol
    and that Butt dance will always remind me of nicole xD

    • Ooooo so that’s how it was. Yea I was confused haha. Thanks for that :)

      I think their stylists are a bit weird too :/ They hardly get any performance outfits which I like. Even for TTL. ALthough the song was super good and fierce, their outfits usually let me down :(

  3. AHAHA. i do not watch t-ara and i think this is the first time i see them perform. the dance is really cute. they are cute anyway. :D

    the bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep yeah part is officially stuck in my head. XD and that dance part as well. lol.

    who’s eunjung btw? okay, i think i should learn their names. haha.

    • Oh if it was your first time watching T-ara, I would probably recommend you start with TTL? Lol. That’s probably my favourite T-ara song to be honest. I just don’t think this would give you such a good impression on them hahaha.

      But I’m glad you like it :DDD <333

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