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You’re Beautiful Ep.15 Reality Index

For some reason I thought that I was up to Ep.14, and it wasn’t until I was half-way through did I realise that I’d already written an index for that. OTL

So Minam is crying at the bottom of the staircase, Taekyung is crying at the top of the of the staircase and Shinwoo is, of course, watching everything unfold from behind a pole. Plus 40 for consistency. Poor Shinwoo is always the creeper in the shadows :/ Jeremy’s a creeper too, but at least he gets to eat fruit while he’s spying

Ah, Uhey’s faking skills are finally put to good use – Plus 10. I always knew she was in this drama for a reason :)

Lol Manager Ma. One word from Shinwoo about getting Minam away for a while and he organises a Japan fanmeet. Minus 20, cos while Manager Ma is awesome, he’d need to at least mention it to President Ahn first before making any confirmations. Poor President Ahn, no one takes his authority seriously any more XD

Reporter Kim’s “disguise” – Minus 10. What high-class hotel would let in someone dressed like a hobo?

No other boyband would get “free time” in their schedule – Minus 50 cos A.N.JELL has it too easy

So according to the Stylist Noona, Jeremy would make the best husband? Idk, I’d want Shinwoo as a husband (cos he’s so nice <3) Taekyung as boyfriend (cos that boy’s so weird, no one would be able to stand being married to him) and Jeremy as a BFF cos he’s cool :)

LOL the Taekyung and Minam wedding scene is win – Plus 50. Taekyung would totally do stuff like that XD

Jeremy building a sandcastle when they were at the beach – Plus 20. WHY SO CUTE, JEREMY *___*

SHINWOO FINALLY CONFESSED – PLUS 50. But does anyone else feel like his confession wasn’t as….epic as expected? While Shinwoo is my bias, I really think that the writers needed to develop his character a bit more. Whenever we see Shinwoo, he’s either being a creeper or being ditched by Minam :/ BOF’s Jihoo had his own “life”, as did HYD’s Rui. Maybe more Shinwoo plot lines in Season Two, yes :D?

The hotel A.N.JELL stayed at had a massive aquarium? That is so cool *O*


It’s kinda ridiculous for them to blame everything on a song =.= – Minus 20.

I like how straight forward Taekyung is with Uhey – Plus 40. I hate those “I like you, but I like her more” plot lines =.=

“I’ve been dumped 100 times by you; I’ve had practice” ;______; SHINWOO, WHY SO SAD.

The star necklace is pretty. But minus 20 cos I’d like to know how/when Taekyung got it :/

No Japanese fans saw A.N.JELL off at the airport? Minus 30 cos, with A.N.JELL’s popularity, there should be truckloads of fans at the airport with signs and cameras.

I’ve lost count of how many times Taekyung’s had to run through airports looking for Minam XD – Plus 10 for consistency. JGS must be really familiar with airports by now XD

If the real Minam dressed like that in a real airport, he’d be suspected of being a terrorist and would be arrested by airport security.

If Minam was still Minyu, and Reporter Kim did the jacket ripping thing, he could be sued for sexual harassment.

Plus 20 at how Manager Ma told Reporter Kim to “think about Hallyu” XD. I remember how, when the DBSK court stuff first started, there were all these articles saying how the three members were trying to destroy the Hallyu wave, cos the end of DBSK would be the end of Hallyu =.= Kpop is serious business, y’all~

How did Taekyung know where Minyu was in Japan? Minus 20, cos it’s not like he micro-chipped her =.=

Everyone in this drama are excellent at crying scenes *___*

LOL at how Jeremy wanted to leave messages on their fansite to increase his popularity XDD Oh Jeremy, never change :3


Past 2am here, so will reply to comments and embed picture tomorrow :)

P.S. JGS is hosting this year’s Melon Music Awards :D! I’M SO EXCITED. I’m going to live stream it just to see him, and hopefully some JGS/Heechul/Hongki interaction *___*


  1. gripe: shinwoo tearing up after being rejected for the umpteenth time is just awkward n … sad (in a bad way). ok.. it’s honghwa’s first time acting so ill give him some leeway. but when i saw it, my first reaction was this:

    shinwoo confesses, he got dumped. CUT. everyone on set waits for his tears to well up n starts crying. ACTION! QUICK… GET THAT SHOT!!

    it was too fake. but i still miss YB T_T

    • I AGREE. I felt sorry for Shinwoo, but even I have to admit that it was slightly awkward :/

      Like I said, I really wish that the writers developed his character more…he needed more scenes that didn’t involve creeping and being ditched XD Sigh, maybe in Season Two (fingers crossed)?

  2. What’s with all the minuses?
    I really thought the episode was good =_+
    You butchered it to death XD

    They didn’t blame the whole thing on a song. The whole thing is Tae Kyung’s evil mother’s fault. She tried to steal the song from Mi twin’s mother.

    I’d have to say the airport scene was funny… The face did NOT match the body AT ALL.

    Also, who thought the picture taking thing was cute. I thought the pictures she took turned out really nice =P

    • LOL I’m really fussy, ok :P

      Na, you should see me commenting on stuff I *don’t* like; it would scare you :P

      Maybe the subs I was reading off were a bit strange? Cos TK and MN kept saying stuff like “it’s all because of this song and we’re like this” etc, and I was like “huh. no it’s not” XD

      I want that camera she used to take the photos!

  3. ‘If the real Minam dressed like that in a real airport, he’d be suspected of being a terrorist and would be arrested by airport security.’


    • LOL IT’S TRUE. You’re not even allowed to wear hoods in malls anymore, so real-Minam would’ve been arrested for sure if he was in an airport in Australia XD

  4. AWW the parting scene! ;_; That was sweet but the shot of them standing there like statues kinda made it a little lulzy. For me anyway. XD

    ‘Maybe more Shinwoo plot lines in Season Two, yes :D?’

    You seem convinced that there’ll be a season 2! Well me too *fingers crossed* And real Minam fascinates me, I wanna see more of him in Season Two! Interactions between him and TK would be HILARIOUS. Ehehe.

    • OH you like JJ Lin?!?! Me too! *waves hand in air* I love mandopop, I just don’t fangirl the artists like I do with kpop XD JJ Lin is pure awesome, I love all his songs and omg I can’t wait to hear his new album :D :D

      Other comment:

      Oh I hope so! It’ll be a new experience anyway :) Are you studying in Melbourne? LOL the last time I attempted to ski I started panicking and knocked over the guy who was trying to help me XD That was mortifying and it was just on the beginner slopes! Oh wells, we live and learn, yes? Do you go back and visit NZ often?

      I will be haunting IMOP for my kpop fix when I get there, seeing as I probably won’t have much to do XD You’ll be stuck with me!

      ROFL @ stalking story! You were stalking a celebrity you didn’t recognize LOL! I have the attention span of a mosquito, so I doubt I’d make a very good stalker, but if I ever go to Korea, I will try my very best :D

      • JJ Lin, Wang Leehom and Jay Chou are my favourite Cpop male artists :D Female artists, I really like Fish Leung and Jane Zhang <3

        I've never been skiing before…despite living in NZ for most of my life LOL. When we went to the snow, I'd always just play around instead of learning anything useful, HAHA. But I'm so unco, it's probably for the best that I never tried to ski XD

        Lol I have a feeling that you're going to get a real shock when you get to Christchurch. Actually, no, you'll love it for the first two weeks, THEN you'll hate it :D I'M SO ENCOURAGING XD It's really not that bad. My friends who are in Christchurch all love it :) I don't study in Melbourne, but I do know that the shopping there is fantastic! (better than Sydney, imo) So after a few months of hardcore studying in Christchurch, you should reward yourself with a shopping trip to Melbourne :D! Do you have Twitter? ADD ME AND WE CAN SPAZZ ABOUT PRETTY BOYS, JJ LIN AND SHEEP (LOL).

        I think Beckery and Candychu would both agree that my attention span sucks XD I GET DISTRACTED BY SHINY THINGS REALLY EASILY :DDD And that is why my favourites are always changing :P



      Have you read the fanfiction that a girl on Baidu is writing? IT’S REALLY GOOD! Let me know if you can read Chinese and I’ll link you~~~

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