Posted by: beckery | December 6, 2009

091205 Music Core

It’s late atm but I”m sacrificing sleep to watch the MuCore Jeju special performances because the line up is fantastic!!

2PM – Heartbeat Haha Chansung’s little crack at the beginning XD Khun and Junho have their hair out here and I wish they’d just leave it like that. They didn’t do the pyramid this time, probably because the stage wasn’t safe? But Junho’s blackflip looked really, really painful. I hope he’s ok :S

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong Minho is currently in Vancouver filming for Dream Team so only 4 members are performing but TAEMIN IS BACK AND LOOKS REALLY GOOD :DDDDDDDDD I love what he’s wearing, the jacket is nice. He looks like he’s happy to be back on stage and we’re definitely happy to have him back ^_^ ♥♥♥ But I still think Onew looks really out of it :/ Key took over Minho’s rap but you can still hear his voice in it. Cameraman was sort of all over the place though haha but I guess they were concentrating on showing off their awesome stage XPP

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep Their outfit is like yesterdays with a different colour scheme. And all of them are wearing the paws this time haha. I  think only Eunjung was wearing it yesterday. :D I sorta want to see them perform the song in leather and black like their 19+ MV haha. I know they can pull off both cutesy and sexy looks! Backing track was a tad loud and plus, the sound system for outdoor performances always lack a bit so overall I think they did pretty darn well <33

SNSD – Tell me your wish + Gee Special performance from SNSD. They must be freezing in their outfits! The wind was whipping their hair everywhere DDD: Their mics weren’t very good either or maybe just Sunny’s lol. Oh and it’s Yuri’s birthday today? Happy bday to her!!

JYP – No love no more I haven’t listened to this song properly yet and this is the first time watching him perform it. JYP’s songs are starting to sound all the same to me hahaha. Lol, he um..sorta sounds quite breathless at the end XDD I don’t know, I can never look at JYP seriously. I just can’t!

SS501 – Love Like This They’re only back for the Jeju special, which is nice of them cuz I’m sure their schedule is jam packed atm. THEY LOOK SO GOOD IN WHITE :Q___ They should have just worn this and their plain black suits throughout their promotion period. I didn’t really like their other clothes haha. Audience was too far so couldn’t hear their “Hey boy~”. I love that part, it’s so sweet. Hyunjoong and Kyujong looks especially good here *_*

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign They’re wearing purple and look gorgeous! They must be freezing too, especially Gain, her back and legs aren’t covered :/ LOL Narsha dropped her fan at the beginning then Gain drops it at the end HAHAHHAHA. They’re so cute, especially Gain’s face when she dropped it XDDDDDD BEG always impresses me at how perfect their lives are!

U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni Dongho is so fierce on stage but he’s such a dork on Magnae Rebellion. And since I still haven’t learnt the other members’ names yet, Dongho is currently my U-Kiss bias hahaha. Anyone know who the boy at 0.45 is? I’m going to assume he’s the main singer cuz he sounds good and sings alot. Lol I’m so sorry I fail so much XD

f(x) – Chu They look so warm! Smart girls :DDD Luna’s hair is adorable. I haven’t watched them perform for ages and they’ve really improved! More smiles and they look like they’re enjoying the stage more too. I’m proud. ♥♥


  1. havent watch any of the perfs but in ukiss if you say the main singer then i guess he is soohyun?

    • Hahaha. Thanks! Yea that was Soohyun i was talking about ;D

  2. ahaha! junho’s hair parting in the middle was lulz. hope he’s alright D:

    still 4 membered shinee. i hope no one falls sick anymore and that they get some real rest. D:

    HAHA. i can never watch man man ha ni and not think of key. XDDDDDDDDD

    • ROFL SAME HERE. The shoulder dance reminds me of Key every single time now. GOOD ONE KEY GOOD ONE. I just start giggling halfway through the performance and stare at Dongho to see if he has an urge to laugh too XDD

      I miss seeing 5 membered SHINee performances. This week should be ok. Fingers cross

  3. U-KISS’s names aren’t so difficult to learn, they have so different faces compared to T-Ara OTL… hahahaha

    SS501: haven’t watched their perf for a while rofl. only comeback perf I think, i hate those tattoos shirts hahahaha
    looked so good in white damn :Q______
    i’m going to watch another perf to see that “hey boy” hehe.

    2PM lol at Chansung crack too haha!
    no pyramid maybe because of wind? well i dont’ know.

    *going to watch Bo Beep, Chu and Sign*

    • Yea!! I finally decided to memorise their names and faces and I got it really quickly just by staring at their photos haha. XDDD Their names are really easy and their faces are quite different too. With T-ara, I use to ALWAYS get confused between Hyomin and Jiyeon but then Hyomin sorta resembles Jessica and Jiyeon sorta resembles Kim Tae Hee (well to me anyways) and that’s how I finally memorised them all haha. Beast were pretty hard too. I still get tripped out sometimes lol.

      Oooh you should watch their goodbye stage on Inki. The ss501 boys were wearing black suits and looked really good. The “hey boy” part is at the beginning. Hyungjoon says “hey girl” and the audience always chants back “hey boy”. It’s sweet <333

  4. The U-Kiss member at 0:45 was Soohyun, the power vocals in the group =D

    • Thank you :DDD He definitely has the vocals!

  5. i say dongho isnt hiking his shoulders as much now during man man ha ni cos of key’s exaggerated imitation! hahahha

    i like eli best. he’s the blonde rapper ;D

    • HAHAHAHA. PROBABLY. I would tone it down abit too if Key ever imitated me like that. XDDDDD Yup, I’ve got all their names remembered now so I finally know who you’re talking about. I really like Alexander’s rap part in Man Man Ha Ni though :D

  6. BEG-

    They are SOOO CUTE.
    Lol at Narsha picking up her fan and Gain dropping hers at the end =P

    I really liked their performance and clothes =)

    • Me too!!! The purple is really nice. I love Gain showing her back but I felt really bad for her cuz it was so cold! Poor thing D: They were so cute being all clumsy haha

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