Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 6, 2009

091206 Inkigayo

2PM – Heart Beat

  • The black suits are so much better than those suits they started off with. THANK YOU, JYP.
  • ROFL I first thought that the shirts they were wearing had a checked pattern, then I saw Taec’s nipples at 2:01 and realised they were mesh shirts XDDD
  • Their live singing has improved SO much since the 10/10 days! I AM SO PROUD ;__;
  • Junsu and eyeliner are my ultimate OTP. That boy should be offered eyeliner CFs.

2PM Winning

  • Their second time for Heartbeat, yes?? YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY. PARTAY :D!
  • JAEBUM, I LOVE YOU MANE. Junsu’s ghetto shoutout to Jay made my night <3

After School – Because of You

  • GaHee <3! That girl is so fierce; Yoochun has good taste ;)
  • I love the chorus of this song *__* thinking about cutting it to use as my ring tone…
  • I don’t normally like the red&black colour combination, but their outfits don’t look that bad :D
  • Every time I see UEE now, I think of her character in YB, which makes me think of A.N.JELL. Mmm~~~ A.N.JELL :Q______

T-ara – Like The Beginning, Bo Peep

  • I liked the songs on their album, and I thought the idea of getting fans to pick their title track was pretty cool, but what was the point of that if they’re just going to devote a minute to the “title track” and then spend the rest of the time promoting Bo Peep =.=
  • I want to like them, I do. But argh. Room for improvement, yes :D? I’m sure they’ll get better with practice

Beckery: I’m going to ninja my way in :) I was looking forward to Inki this week partly because T-ara was going to perform “Like the beginning” and I love that song! BUT IT WAS SO SHORT. CRYING ;___; I wanted to hear Eunjung’s rap D: I hope they’re performing the song at all the music shows next week! I’m not sure whether I like their outfits (for Like the Beginning) or not but I don’t really like the hairdo. Especially Boram’s :/ Hyomin looks gorgeous in Bo Peep *__* The song is starting to get really catchy and I’m going to sound like a broken record but I really think they’re adorable :333 Best performance of the week for them <333

    U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni

    • LOL I think Dongho’s stopped squaring his shoulders as much as he used to. What can Key imitate now XD
    • Kevin’s hair XD!
    • When I first heard this song, it gave me a headache (it’s the auto tune!) but now I really like it :D Dongho and his cuteness may have had something to do with that :P
    • I’m surprised they can pull this song off live so well; it has so much auto tune!

    Taeyang – Wedding Dress

    • This song is beautiful and Taeyang is beautiful (rofl I wrote Taekyung and had to backspace XD)
    • The choreography is awesome.
    • Taeyang’s singing has improved a lot since Big Bang’s Lies days :D

    Beast – Mystery Beckery: I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Though “Oasis” is probably my favourite track from them. Hyunseung’s new hair looks good on him but Junhyung’s is a bit short ._. The choreo didn’t blow me away but that head thing they do during the chorus is sorta cool? Well after you get over the lols XDD I can see people parodying it already!! I love the KiSeob manly handshake/body bump! I keep jumping ships between DooSeob and KiSeob HAHA. Does anyone have the same problem?!?! Their vocals continually impresses me!!!


    1. yes… see thru shirts *_* best outfit 2pm had so far! i still think taec’s ending was the best. but congrats to the boys for winning again… jaybeom park, love u man! :DD

      on dongho: told ya rite? he DID stop hiking his shoulders as much.. hahha

      n beast!!! oh em geeeee~ i love them more each day! hyunseung looks so much better now wit that new do.. he looks like he lost 10pounds just by cutting that hair. but they totally butchered junhyung’s!! >=\
      mystery isnt one of my fav but i think im gonna like it more since they’re performing it now.

    2. AHHH. Chansung-ah, you’re killing me! xD
      I SERIOUSLY thought he’d rip his shirt and my heart stopped beating for a sec… BUT NOOO. Kickass backflip of doom instead. :B

    3. NO Edward Cullen!!! DNW! Though if Taec was playing him then I’d go watch, if just to see him trying (and probably failing) to be all serious and vampiric.

      Wooyounggg you cutie smile more! Chansung can’t keep his hands off you can he XD MOAR shirt-ripping plskthnx. AHAHA Junsu! Gangsta engrish has never been so adorable.

      …2pm’s turned me into a perv.

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