Posted by: beckery | December 7, 2009

2PM – My Color MV (Samsung Corby CF)

Credit: AznSamManMV @ youtube

Before I watch the MV, I’m going to say that I love the song!!!! It’s some funky stuff right there and the chorus is really catchy especially with the “My (colour) is a, you can never forget” part :D

The teasers and on set photos that I’ve seen so far made me REALLY WORRIED hahaha. It just looked like a disaster waiting to happen. But the whole thing looks pretty alright when put together. There’s some parts which made me cringe. Namely, Khun’s pink lace (if Jay was here, he would probably be the one wearing the pink lace hahaha) and Taec’s hair and makeup. Other than that, everything else was *________* JUNBROS WERE FLIPPIN’ ADORABLE LKJSFLKJSLFSJ. CHANSUNG WAS ROCKING “CHIC BLACK” (hahaha “chic”, how ironic XD). AND WOOYOUNG ACTUALLY LOOKED REALLY GOOD, EVEN IN ALL THAT YELLOW. Ending was super cute <333


  1. I actually liked Khun’s look better than I thought I would after seeing the pics lol. Not very happy with Taec’s overall look, though XD

    2JUN are WONDERFUL *_____* and Chansung was awesome too. Wooyoung turned out much better than I expected, considering the photos lol.

    Love the choreo~ especially magnae and his minions lol. *A*♥

    • Khun’s hair and everything was ok, if you ignore the pink lace lol but yea Taec…was :// Only the fashion terrorist in him would wear that LOL. I’m glad they put the Jun bros together, it makes me happy :) And I was sort of :/ at Wooyoung’ full on yellow outfit but in the MV he actually looked pretty good :DDD

      • I didn’t like the pics at all but the boys did themselves justice. :) Except Taec. I’ve never been a fan of skin exposure and he made it worse lol. Fashion terrorist, indeed. XD

        I think they were banking on the boys’ charisma to make up for the lulz but Taec’s was just too powerful a fail XD

  2. lol my two current members together just makes this mv a beautiful experience<3 Jun Ho<3333.

    Woo Young looks hottt with that hair and even though I don't like Chan Sung much, got to say he looks really good with black.

    • You mean your two current “favourite” members together right? :PPP Lol. You don’t like Chansung that much? .__. why? Magnae is adorable? lol. Well he’s normally adorable, he was hot here in all that black :D

      • aha yes my two current ‘favorite’ members. Well i like claiming them anyway as my own XD.

        I never really knew the reason why. I just think he’s greasy and his vocals are not to my taste haha. But I’m not a anti or any of that sort towards him.

  3. Finally watched!

    I alternated between lol-ing and drooling for the entire MV. Khun + pink lace is so DNW but he looks so comfortable in them I’m having second thoughts :D

    I now know why Chansung is known as ChansUNF. Okay so I always thought he was hot (except for his horrible 10 out of 10 days) but now, NOW I see his potential! I’m late, I know. XD

    Taec!!!! Dorky yet…well, look at those abs! But he looks such a leprechaun here. I don’t know why, he just does. :D

    And, saving best for last, JUNHO!!! I have nothing to say except for HOT. *.*

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