Posted by: beckery | December 7, 2009

Laugh of the day – Jumping Rope Charades on Super Junior’s Miracle

Credit: TessLoveMusic1 @ youtube

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS WHOLE EPISODE TO BE SUBBED!!! SHINee, Super Junior, MBLAQ and BEG all on one show. It doesn’t really get much better than this! Plus, Eunhyuk, Teuk and Shindong are the MCs and they’re batshit crazy half the time hahaha.

This clip is subbed but I really enjoyed it without subs anyways. Narsha got song names and did really well!! I was playing along with them and got all of her clues :DDD THUNDER CAN’T JUMP ROPE AT ALL HAHAHAHAHA /DYING. I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD LOOOL. MIR WAS PISSED XDDDDDDDD Onew had to do sports and omfg I didn’t know what he was doing half the time. He was just jumping and flailing all over hahaha. HIS BALLET POSE!! WTF BB?! LOL. Shindong was really good though, he got most of Onew’s clues. G.O got movie titles and had to pass half of them /fail XD I think his was the hardest though! Taemin had animals and did really well too. I got some of his :D He got stuck on “water strider” and Jjong went in and couldn’t do it either looooool.

Also from that episode, Suju boys and MBLAQ dancing to “Oh Yeah”. I rewatched it a few hundred times cuz it was so funny!


  1. HAHAHA. i also lol-ed hard on this unsubbed! XD ONEW is so WIN, HAHA! the way he was flailing all around the rope XD


    • When I watched it unsubbed, I didn’t know they were playing charades but I was still laughing really hard at Onew flailing about LOL. I was just like “WHAT IS ONEW DOING?!?!!? XDDDDD”

      Teuk was so crazy during the dance, the MBLAQ boys were just laughing hahaha.

  2. OMG i laughed so much during Onew’s turn.
    i roflao during his ballet and the rhythmic gymnastics one, love them cant wait for the whole episode to be subbed XD

    • LOL. I have no idea how they got the ballet one. He didn’t even look like he was doing ballet!!! XDDD I’m sure one of the subbing teams will tackle this, it’s too good to skip!

  3. MIR looks/sounds soo much like Hong Ki, it’s so interesting XD.

    The boys are so cute<3 At first when I watched it before, I thought it was 4minute Ji Yoon so I was like, "eh what?" lol.

    • I KNOW. I saw that pic where fans put Hongki and Mir’s photo side by side and the resemblance is uncanny!!!!

      Lol everyone looked like they were having heaps of fun :DD

  4. OMG!! Jjong was laughing his ass off at Onew!! that boy is evil hahahaha~
    yeah, MIR does look/sound a bit like Hongki!! i was quite surprised XDD
    Is this the first ep of Suju Miracle? cause i cnt find othr episodes T__T

    • ROFL Even I was laughing my ass off at Onew, so I don’t really blame Jonghyun XDDD No, this isn’t the first ep of Suju Miracle. There’s been other episodes, it’s just that no one subs them .___. FTI and Secret (I think) made a guest appearance in one episode. I watched a bit of that unsubbed but didn’t understand anything hahaha. It’s all on youtube, tell me if you can’t find them :) But yea none are subbed :(

      • oh damn. T___T
        sigh sigh sigh~

        thanks for the info anyways ^-^
        i wish someone would sub them DX

  5. onew!! :DDDD taeminnieeeee!! :DDDD

    im indifferent to mblaq. why isnt beast on more variety shows?? why isnt beast doing idol army?!! *wails*

    anyway… teuk. every time i see him now i feel that he’s such a sad soul trapped in a happy body (if that makes any sense ??)

    • I haven’t been following MBLAQ’s show but I’m planning to watch their Idol Show when it comes out. Maybe that will convert me into a fan? That show definitely helped turn me into a major 2PM fan hahaha. But yea I’m a bit Beast biased atm mainly cuz I adore the shits out of Yoseob and AJ hahaha. XDDD And they really need to do a show. That’s how they get the fans!!

      I think I know what you mean about Teuk. He’s really…emo? these days. I don’t know if he’s really super super depressed or he just wants some love haha. But I truly hope he’s ok. <3

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