Posted by: beckery | December 8, 2009

091205 Super Junior Miracle ft SHINee, MBLAQ & BEG Subbed

Credit: Kompilations @ youtube

Part 1:

Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY IT’S SUBBED!!! So fast too! Be sure to pop Kompilations a thanks if you can :D

Like I wrote on the previous post, I’m capped atm and a 5 minute youtube clip takes an hour to load, no joke T_T. Talk about horrible timing, EVERYTHING IS GETTING SUBBED TODAY ;________; Will probably do a recap though, just give me 1/2 days haha. But I’m sure no one needs my recap cuz the guest groups alone makes you want to watch immediately XDD



    • HAHAHA THANK YOU <333333333

  2. thank u so muchhhhh for digging up the links. somehow for me its really hard to look for subbed vids.

    ill watch it tonite! :))

    • That’s ok :D That’s what we’re here for haha

  3. Thanks for sharing the links!! :)♥ 3 of the hottest groups in one show ♥♥♥ BEG look absolutely gorgeous here~ they look so young, don’t even look their age at all :) Loved their outburst about “modern society” — DO YOU KNOW WHAT MODERN SOCIETY IS?! XD Key is so blunt and honest and I don’t know, it’s kinda endearing? hahha I can’t wait for next week’s episode ♥!

    • I KNOW. BEG are still so gorgeous and young looking!!!! I was shocked when I heard their ages!! Key is a bitch ahhaha, but I love him like that XD

  4. oi fix the html of this post its made the whole page red and gross.

    um valerie says hi LOL. okay bye :)

    • Woman, your computer is effed. The post is fine on my computer :/ AND HI TO YOU TOO T________________T

      Oh and hi Valerie :D I’m sure you think I’m a better author than candice :D

    • It’s fine on my computer too… And I’m surprised you couldn’t come up with a more creative name :P

  5. This is really hilarious!!!
    And omg the students they brought on the show are wow!

    Except for one comment which key said which was… -_-

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