Posted by: beckery | December 8, 2009

Brave Brothers ft U-Kiss – Finally MV

Credit: UrAsianSource @ youtube

The song actually only features Kevin and Alexander from U-Kiss (btw I’m so proud of myself guys. I’VE FINALLY LEARNT ALL OF THE MEMBERS’ NAMES AND FACES :DDD BE PROUD hahahaha. It was actually really easy :D)

Anyways, I actually……haven’t seen the MV yet LOL. Everyone keeps talking about how gruesome and disturbing it is. And alot are saying they wish they didn’t watch the MV. SO I’M SCARED OK!! ;________; So unless someone insistently persists that I watch it then I might give this a skip hehe.

But, but, BUT! The song is love ♥♥♥♥♥ I expected a crazy amount of autotune since it’s Brave Brothers haha but that’s not the case here. It’s more of a pop/dance? I don’t know. I’m not very good with my genres but this song is good. I like it alot. It sounds like a happy song so I don’t know why the MV is all weird and gruesome? hahaha XDD


  1. it’s actually not bad, the MV… it’s just really sad and heartbreaking, and this song is actually a sad song lol.

    • I haven’t looked at lyrics yet but it sounded happy. It’s actually sad? Hahah well I fail don’t I XDDD

  2. good for u i know the name and faces of anly 4 of them

    i fell really sorry for the heart :( but the song is good love Kiven voice in it

    • Lol 4 is good, just a few more to go :D

      Yea Kevin sounds really good here!

  3. Hmm it wasn’t as gruesome as I thought it could be because it’s animated, but I found it really sad. The song is fantastic though ^^ Makes me want to check both groups out.

    • Oh yea I heard it was animated but still..I’m a scaredy cat hahaha so I don’t know if I should watch it. And now everyone is saying it’s really sad and I don’t want to be depressed XD Brave Brothers has produced alot of good songs, I’m sure you’ve heard alot of the songs. But yes, check out U-Kiss’s “Man Man Ha Ni’ :DD

  4. *claps* for learning their names. hahah so r u still dongho biased now that u know who’s who?

    the MV is an animation… hm… the song’s nice thou. sounds cheery n happy :)

    • i change my mind. the song sounds happy (need to read the lyrics) but watching the heart break apart is so depressing.. >_<

      • *takes a bow* Thank you thank you. Lol XDD Well I know all their names but I haven’t seen them on variety shows, minus Dongho, so yea I’m still a bit Dongho biased rofl haha.

        Oh lol I thought it was scary now everyone is saying its sad and depressing. I don’t know if I should watch it now lol. I don’t like gruesome but I don’t really like depressing stuff either :/

  5. I just love this song, even I started to listen to it for an hour XD It’s like a drug.
    But I don’t think the MV is disturbing. At first its a bit weird but somehow the story is quite nice.

    • Lol same! I had it on repeat for ages last night XD Lol, I’m still not sure if I should watch the MV XDD

  6. I like Xander and Kevin SO YES I HAVE TO WATCH THIS.

    • Considering this song is sung by *kids*, I think the MV is rather… depressing. Maybe a real heart isn’t the proper representation to put there. The song sounds happy but the MV is so sad. Not really bad. Not gruesome in a Kill Bill / Ninja Assassin / Hot Fuzz way. Just. Sad. Really really sad.

      T____T </3

      • Lol I decided not to watch it after your comment. You sound so depressed and I rather not go through that XDD Love the song though. Right? ;D

  7. Hi beckery! Haha Why yes, I am one of those silent lurking fans that hasn’t commented until now xD Love your entries and read LAEC like religiously ♥

    I do like the song~ Alexander and Kevin are my faves so anything by them I would imagine would be awesome :)♥ I was actually forced to watch the mv today and well, I didn’t exactly like it xD It was just so sad that I stopped watching halfway ;__; But yeah I have yet to learn all of U-Kiss’ names!

    • Hi jan :D Thanks for finally popping by a comment. We love it when silent readers come out and just say a hi! I hope that means you’ll be commenting more as well :P Come join in the spazz and fun, yes yes?

      I don’t have a favourite U-Kiss, well probably Dongho? Haha. But yea everyone keeps saying the MV is sad so I’m going to skip it and just listen to the song. Their names are actually really easy, goodluck!!! :DDDDDDD

  8. What are the lyrics? After watching the MV I’m tempted to know, but I couldn’t find them online anywhere.

    • I haven’t had time to look for them yet :)

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