Posted by: beckery | December 9, 2009

Listen to… Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (Answer) & It’s You (Rearranged Vers)

Sorry Sorry (Answer) I’m glad they released a studio version of this. There’s only a certain amount of times where you can listen to the fancam version before going slightly deaf lol. This is what you truly call a remix. They don’t just change the beat, they practically changed the whole song and I love it!!!

I really, really like how they did the “na na na na” part and the new rap is SO FKN SMEXY. Corny, yes, but still sexy ok!?!? EUNHAE, HERE, HAVE MY HEART <333! The part around 3.15 is awesome sauce too. I can’t even pick a favourite part from the song *__*

Btw I keep hearing a voice whom I can’t put a name too, it sounds like Yoo Young Jin or am I just being fail? Lol. XD And does everyone sing, because I can only hear KRY, that new voice (Young Jin?) and EunHae rapping?!?! O_O

It’s You (Rearranged version) This isn’t as crazily remixed but I’m really digging the new beat!!! They performed this version at their Japan Premium Show didn’t they? Cuz I actually have an image of them dancing in the beginning and I don’t remember if it was from a Concert fancam or the Japan Premium Show lol. I hope they perform both remixed versions at the end of year music shows :DDDD


  1. LOL I just left you a comment on msn telling you to listen to this XD

    Btw, I’m half way through the recap for magnae rebellion

  2. OMG. i am excited for the year end gayo’s as well, all the awesome performances and everything, plus, we get to see suju perform again. :D

    • and OMG, they’ll be releasing an MV for this tmr! YAY! i am so exciteddddd! :D

      • Yea the end of year music performances on the music shows are always something to look forward too!!!

  3. ive been waiting for this! loved the original but love this remix even moreeee… i can never get tired of sorry sorry. im gonna do a cover of it ;D

    r they really doing an MV? that’s cool!

    • Oooooooooooooooo do link us when you’ve done your cover :DDD We’d love to see it! I love both original and remix versions. Usually I like original more but I CAN’T CHOOSE HERE


    • FSKFJSDLSDJ *resuscitates you* XP

  5. I want their remix album…so badly…T_T

    • Lol, buy it then. You’ve been working alot lately haven’t you, you can afford it XP

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