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091210 – 2009 Golden Disk Award



I think Super Junior would be classified as the big winner for the night having snagged THREE awards (Disk Bonsang, Disk Daesang and Popularity) ^___^ So I guess this makes up for the lack of awards they got at MAMA? Haha. SNSD received Digital Daesang and I truly think they deserve it. No one can deny what a hit “Gee” was!!

I know alot of people are saying how SM-biased GDA is but like no one can deny MAMA was pretty SM-hating. I don’t know. You win some, you lose some I guess. I prefer to keep myself neutral cuz I think all the winners deserve what they got and those who didn’t win will definitely get something in the future for their efforts :DDDD I’m pretty satisfied that 2PM received a Bonsang ♥. Only complaint is that G-Dragon not getting anything is a bit ridiculous. Was it cuz he didn’t attend? Cuz um..last time I checked, his sales were out of the world :/

Anyways, Awards List with links to their acceptance speech and performances are under the cut. I’m just compiling them up with some random comments here and there. Hope it makes your life easier :D

Awards List

Disk Bonsang Award

DISK DAESANG AWARD – SUPER JUNIORThey didn’t cry when they received the other 2 awards and I was thinking “wow even Teuk and Hyuk, the cry babies aren’t a blabbering mess with tears everywhere today” O___O Then they went up to get this award and lol, oh how wrong I was XDDD Teuk started getting all teary then crying full on whilst saying his speech. The others were teary and of course, EunHae were both crying a big fat river whilst everyone was hugging them hahaha. THIS IS WHAT SUPER JUNIOR IS LIKE, NEVER CHANGE BOYS!!!!!!!!! <333333

Digital Bonsang Award

  • SNSD – Gee (The First Mini Album)
  • Baek Ji Young – Sensibility
  • Son Dam Bi – Type B
  • Davichi – Davichi in Wonderland
  • Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me (Featuring Bizniz)

DIGITAL DAESANG AWARD – SNSD – They were all crying and hugging eachother. It was very sweet! Well except Yuri, who was just standing there by herself with tears and a big smile on her face haha.

Samsung Yepp Popularity Award Super Junior (Hyuk got to do the speeches and looked absolutely gorgeous <3), SHINee (Onew’s “SM TOWNNNN” IS WIN HAHAHA Precious boy)

Newcomer Award – 4Minute, T-ara

Rap/Hip Hop Award – Epik High

Rock award – Jang Gi Ha and the Faces


Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (Answer) + Sorry Sorry Remix
KRY WERE FREAKIN AMAZING in Sorry Sorry (Answer)!!!!! The EunHae rap was as sexy as expected, but their mics were really small, I couldn’t really hear them that well :( I also love the other Sorry Sorry Remix. Especially the start of it. My favourite would be from 2.30 – 3.10. That remix part is awesome sauce, seriously! The HANCHUL and TeukHae is love :DDD And I hate to say this everytime but can Donghae cut his hair already?!!? And Heechul’s hair too :/

SHINee – SHINee World + Ring Ding Dong
THE INTRO WAS SO HOT. ONEW. JONGHYUN. KEY. TAEMIN. MINHO. Their “SHINee World” performance was so fierce, I loved it. They should have followed it up with RDD Remix or like JOJO?? :D:D:D I LOVE THAT SONG <3 Plus, I don’t think all 5 of them has performed RDD Remix before which is a shame. Haha but they probably didn’t because Leader-shii here hasn’t fully learnt the choreo yet XPPP And I don’t really dig what they’re wearing but for some reason they still look really good. KEY, I LOVE YOUR HAIR HERE!

Super Junior + SHINee – MJ Tribute (Beat It + Bad) Teuk, Hyuk, Sungmin, Key, Jonghyun and Taemin only, but THEY ROCKED THE STAGE like no other!!!! The English was pretty decent but who cares when they’re dancing like that!!! Looool. Eunhyuk’s moonwalk was love <333333 Taemin dances like there’s no tomorrow haha!! I really liked their performance :D

SNSD – Chocolate Love + Gee Remix

SNSD – Smooth Criminal (MJ Tribute)

2PM – Heartbeat + Again and Again
HAHHAHAAH THEY CAUSED SO MUCH COMMOTION XDDDDD They started off wearing masks and were littered all over the place and stumbling around the other artists’ tables lol. EVERYONE WAS SO FREAKED OUT, I LOVE IT ROFLMAO Donghae and Kyu’s reactions were priceless. And who was that girl sitting next to Seung Gi who jumped up? Hyuna? Gold, I tell you. And very 2PM style haha, the pranksters XDD I WAS WAITING FOR THEM TO ALL RIP OFF THEIR SHIRTS FOR THE ENDING BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED ;____________; Watching Again and Again without Jay always rips my heart out, come back already Leadja ._.

Epik High – High Technology + Wannabe


  1. i’ve never commented before, but i thought super junior’s super hot performance tonight deserved a comment! have been refreshing here to hear your take on the gda ever since i watched super junior perform an out of this world sorry sorry! aiyeeee, they were so hot my laptop almost melted. :Q_______

    am so glad someone else loves the 2.30-3.10 part too!! :D:D so pleased with them and the SHINee boys were so adorable singing along too! :DDD

    totally agree about donghae’s hair too. :| it was distracting me like mad. :( sungmin’s hair too!

    thanks for the recap about wins and various reactions! sigh, can’t stop watching them!

    • Hiiiiii :DDD It’s nice to have silent readers come out once and awhile to comment. So do come more!!!

      Yea I watched the GDA live and once it finished, it was like 11.30pm my time or something. So I was really tired but I thought I’d put up the post anyways because these Award shows are epic :DDDD

      I loved Suju’s performance. And I’m so glad they performed Sorry Sorry Answer. It blew me away at how good they were!!!! And them winning 3 awards was pretty much icing on the cake :DD

      I think Donghae and Heechul’s hair was the worst for me T_T

  2. GDAs was awesome!! Loved Super Junior, SNSD, Tiger JK, Epki High, Shinee & 2PM performances!!
    Plus, Congrats to all the winners!!
    Oh and to answer why GD didn’t win anything, GDA has always had a “no show no award policy” & since neither 2ne1 or GD attended, they received no awards.

    • I didn’t really watch all of them haha but I liked what I saw of the ones I did!!!! Having SM Town on board and performing was a good move. Suju, SHINee and SNSD were great! If only YG artists were there too .__. Oh and thanks for the clear up. I thought so but I wasn’t sure and plus, I still think it’s pretty unfair /sighs.

  3. i loveddddd 2pm’s perf. it really made my heart beat faster.. n also SuJu’s. the whole remix was soo cool! <3

    teuk sounds awesome on the MJ tribute. he needs more lines!!

    n taeminnie's fluffy hair ;D

    • I think everyone did a good job with their performances. VERY HOT STUFF.

      Lol, Taemin’s hair was bigger than his face XD

  4. Ugh. I knew Jinki was missing. Couldn’t imagine him busting out MJ moves anyway. But it made me sad.

    Haven’t got the time to watch the other perfs yet but I will, especially 2PM *A*

    And I don’t care what other people say but the only thing I see in that picture is Jinki and Key standing beside each other♥ :P

    • Yea!!!!! I wouldn’t mind seeing Minho busting out some MJ moves either. That boy and his long long legs. Hahaha, Dubu would probably trip over his own foot somewhere. But I’d love to hear him sing *___*

      ONKEY SHIPPER!!!!!!!! XPPPPPPPPPPPPPP You and Candychu hahaha. I’m a tofuho. Purely cuz they’re my top 2 XD But I dont mind other pairings, they’re all so cute together lol

  5. every time i watch 2pm’s performance, i lol at the beginning, with the masked men scaring everyone around, and yes it was Hyuna who jumped on Seunggi, and i still think she forgot her pants (or maybe she’s flashing her safety shorts for one last time before the year ends)

    most suju members need a trim, a cut or something (a new stylist/hair dresser maybe?) i especially hated heechul’s hair, i mean i know it’s long and all but please do something with it, like wear a pretty bow or comb it or something.

    and at the end of sorry sorry, it’s taec watching the performance right? i bet he’s thinking “i have better abs than you, choi shiwon.” lol ^^

    • HAHAHAHA Hyuna was hilarious. Seunggi was just like laughing at her. Evil boys, I love them. Trust them to think of something crazy like that XDDDDDDD

      Yea, Heechul’s hair was gross. It was so long and even and sticking everywhere. Hae’s hair was gross too. I sorta cringed when I saw them on the red carpet. It was a bit better when they were on stage etc but still. HAIRCUTS PLEASE.

      Ooo that’s a hard one. Siwon or Taec abs hmmmm

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