Posted by: beckery | December 11, 2009

MBLAQ Idol Army Preview 1 Subbed

Credit: abmsubs @ youtube

I love Idol Army!!!!!!!! I know alot of groups have been hosting it for various seasons but my favourite would go hands down to 2PM XDDD It’s one of the shows that made me a HUGE 2PM FAN so I’m hoping this would do the same for me and MBLAQ :D Not to mention all the fandom colliding that goes on in this show, that’s one of the best parts!

LOOOOOOOl OMG The commentary and captions are really weird….and corny? HAHAHA. I laughed so hard at the p0rn part, and the girl’s moan omfg XD Joon stammering when he gets excited is adorable. MIR IS SO FKN BATSHIT CRAZY!!! He sorta reminds me of Jungmin and Heechul and Jaebeom put in together to get some cracked up guy hahaha. I LOVE HIM ALREADY! Thunder gets a million praises, “With this one cool member and the lacking rest” HAHAHA WHAT? But what happened to Leader and G.O’s intro? Don’t tell me the show is playing biased already .___.


  1. ill watch it just entertainment… but my heart belongs to Beast . AHhahah

    • Hahah I’m more of a Beast biased too and I really thought they’d be the one hosting Idol Army this season considering how they’re like the 2nd 2PM and everything .___.

  2. MIR<3333 omg that's boys awesome. I want to take him home and feed him tons of chicken lol. idk why but he fits chickens.

    I think because Thunder's Sandara's brother, I feel he gets special treatment (Same as MIR due to his sister as well). lol but yeah, I was sad that G.O. and Seung Ho weren't presented. I'm starting to like ajjushi G.O.<3 lol.

    • Chicken? Chicken = Onew for me hahahha. But um MIR, I’d probably take him home and put him on a leash. THAT BOY IS CRAZY OK. XDDDDDDDDD

      I like Seung Ho and thinks he should get more screen time. I get that Thunder and MIR have famous siblings but still T_T

  3. HAHA <3

    Idol Army 5 <3 I can't wait :D I loveloveloved 2PM's season <3 Same for me – it was this show that really got me into 2pm <3 SIGH* THE MEMORIES!

    Thunder's special treatment reminds me of Khun's xD

    And yay <3 I've finally commented ^^" I love reading this blog btw :D <3 It's very entertaining, and it encourages me to take a look at new fandoms – HAHA whether or not that's a good thing, I don't know, but yeahhhh <3

    • Sorry, your comment got caught in our spam filter :S

      I MISS THE BOOM-PM IDOL ARMY DAYS DDD; SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES ;__; Oh, and they better release the last episode of Wild Bunny soon >(

      We love it when silent readers comment ^^ THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH US XD. Lol I’m constantly getting pulled into new fandoms; my schoolwork and wallet dies a little every time I get into a new boyband :P

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