Posted by: beckery | December 11, 2009

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (Answer) MV

Credit: sment @ youtube

OMG LSKJFSLKJ EVERYONE LOOKS SO GOOD ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. SUITS, TIES, BOWTIES YUM. DONGHAE, YOUR HAIR WAS GORGEOUS HERE!! Judging by their hair, they filmed this a while back, didn’t they? When they did their other MV? :/ I counted only 11 boys though. Yeap, Kangin and Kibum are missing .___.

The MV has no storyline, but the whole black and white theme, the scenes and atmosphere suited the song. Very sexy and sensual. They really do look gorgeous here, I love the scene where Teuk took of his jacket and went to lie down. He was so hot, IDEK. The Eunhae dancing parts were so much love. Not to mention their rap, “Precious lovveee”. Sungmin playing the piano with a bowtie on made me swoon, I love that boy. My favourite part of the song was at 3.12-3.25 ♥

The ending picture was nice. WAIT WAIT. I SEE KANGIN!!!! Oh so this WAS filmed ages ago and they probably cutted out all of Kangin’s part D: Wait, they used this MV for their concert didn’t they?! I was hoping they filmed a new one altogether, damn.


  1. Okay first of all, I think I’m in love with Yoo Young Jin…er, his voice I mean. So sexy.8Q___

    Maybe my spazzing is rusty, but I found the MV kinda boring? I understand that copious dancing wouldn’t make sense, in fact I loled a bit when Donghae suddenly busted a move on the bench, but a storyline would have been nice. Idk it felt like they made a list of everything “fancy” (wine, fancy crackers, bling, record players) and stuffed them into the MV. Mm if you don’t hear from me again, it means ELF bombed my house, k?

    I’m confused. Where is Kangin? He’s not locked up is he?

    • hahha.. funny ;d i agree wit u thou. the song is awesome! it needs an AWESOMER MV to go along wit it..

    • I only saw Kangin at the end bits. And yeah, the MV was kind of boring.

      • laflor501
        Hi stranger XP

        I have a love hate relationship with Yoo Young Jin’s voice lol. I think he sounds great most of the time, but at some bits, I wish he just didn’t sing lol. I think that’s mainly cuz I want less of him in the remix and more of the boys XDDD

        YOUR SPAZZING IS RUSTY CUZ YOU HAVEN’T BEEN HERE FOR AGES. YOU’VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT US ;___________________________; But yea the MV is sorta lacking I guess but like I LOVE THE EYE cANDY. And my Suju bias was shouting out LOVE. So hence why I sounded super excited about it hahaa. Plus, I freakin’ love the song :D

        Well then you better comment more regularly so I know you’re still safe and alive before I start freaking out! XP

        Kangin is in hideout me thinks haha

        Lol. I don’t think they wanted the Remixed MV to be more awesome than the original? OR SM is just being stingy with their money lol

        HAHA. Why is everyone saying this is boring whilst I’m spazzing over it lol XDDD

        • I had to take a Kpop break to focus on skool.=P But my finals are next week, so I have no idea why I came back now…Maybe I needed something to cheer me up after failing Calculus. TT_TT WHY?!??!?? T.T

          But yeah, I’m alive and super touched that you noticed I was gone. :*)

  2. This MV was probably more on the fanservice side but it’s still really good.
    OMG Siwon is so damn HOT! and EunHae dancing!! Woo!!!
    This kinda looks like it’s from their Super show 2?! IDK but I remember seeing something like this in one of the Super Show 2 fancams xD

    • Lol I think you’re right but I love fanservice so that’s ok :D Siwon’s abs are so damn hot and they know it. And the Eunhae dancing and rap. They know what makes us crazy hahaha.

      Yea that’s what I thought. I thought I saw a fancam of this for their Super Show 2 Concert too

  3. EunHae :DDD

    But this MV is so effing cheesy that my friend and I laughed so hard the whole time we were watching it. During class. orz

    • YOU’RE SO EVIL. Lol I didn’t find it that funny. But it was rather cheesy, yes XDDD

  4. Yeah I also think like this MV is kind of fanservice…3rd album sale is really good so SM give us X’mas gift…

    Vid from super show II has more of kangin than this…food,wine and candle are from kangin’s part

    • Well that’s nice of SM. I guess lol.

      Oh ok, yea well I guess they had to cut out Kangin’s part cuz of everything that’s going on ._.

  5. I think this video, isn’t the best video of the year, but is sexy, don’t have a great history behind the song, but, I love it, all of this guys look hot, sexy and sensual, and the song it’s beautiful.

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