Posted by: beckery | December 12, 2009

Super Junior & SNSD – Seoul Song MV

::EDIT:: The official, HD version was released today. Apparently the other version was leaked but they still look the same too me haha. Just HD :D

Credit: seouldreamseries@ youtube


After watching this, I’m tempted to jump on the next plane and fly to Korea XDD All the scenery is really pretty and I mean, if hot boys and girls like that were everywhere, who wouldn’t want to go!? Haha.

All the couples are really cute. Especially with their little dating story :333 I’d prefer Sooyoung with Sungmin (and them actually having screen time together T_T) and Donghae with Eunhyuk but you know, we don’t always get what we want rofl. Therefore, favourite would probably be Kyuhyun and Seohyun, the two magnaes :DDD. They were so flippin’ kajflksjalksj adorable and when Seohyun was running away with the head back to front HAHAHA <333 Taeyeon was really cute in the beginning, what a dorkface riding a tricycle lol XD Teuk being ninja match maker is cute too. The kids were REALLY cute when they were face palming Shindong. Lol, cute is the only word that comes to my mind atm.

There wasn’t enough Eunhyuk and Yesung in here though :( I saw like 2 secs of them in the end and thought I missed them so I rewatched the thing about 2/3 times and I still didn’t see them anywhere else. D: They should have at least let Donghae and Eunhyuk dance together because they are a couple after all LOOL.


  1. kyuhyun!!!!! too KYUTE!!!! love love love looooooooooove the mv & song :D


    • I know right, Magnae was so adorable in here. Both him and Seohyun :33

  2. This is so chock-full of cuteness omg ;_;
    I love the MV and the song! <3
    OK so frankly none of the pairings in the MV were my Super Generation OTPs, but the MV's making me seriously consider jumping ship T_T

    So cuuuuuuute T~T

    • None of the pairings were my Super Generation OTPs either .___. but it was refreshing see the new ones hahah. I’ll refrain from jumping ships though cuz I’m loyal like that XPPPPPPPPPP

  3. /flails arms! I LOVE THIS ! So cute and adorable. I just wanted to hug the maknaes and Shindong!
    I wish SooYoung and Donghae met each other at the end. Kyu is such an adorable little dork. GAHH! I hope there’s a version 2 with an appearance from Kibum and all the others who weren’t in this one.
    and like 3 years from now they should make a shinee effects one. /laughs evily
    So adorable!!!
    okay, i shall leave now. :)

    • Shindong and Sunny were really cute!!! And of course the magnaes haha. Kibum….well…..he… very busy atm so I doubt he’d be invovled haha. I just want more Yesung and Eunhyuk :D


  4. this is so nice! happy cheery song. but sica’s voice.. oh gosh. it sounded bad right after kyuhyun’s warm soothing voice.

    i love sungmin, he’s my fav. n he looks cute here ;) i think sooyoung would be too tall for him, no? ;d

    taeyeon’s high note sounded a bit opera-ish. hahha.. donghae needs a haircut! teuk is such a sweetie~

    the whole song makes me cry with happiness ;)

    • had to add: im soooo happy yoona is nowhere to be seen. i quote my cousin “no wonder looks better” *evil laughter* ;d

      • Hahaha. I’m not a big fan of Jessica’s voice, it’s a bit whiney for my taste?

        Sungmin looked really good with the camera and all. Very pro XD

        Oh, well I like Yoona but yea I guess sometimes its better to concentrate on other members aswell. Which means Hyoyeon should be in here T_T And I’m glad Seohyun got more screen time :D

  5. The MV is too cute! But apparently it’s not even the official one!! So I’m hoping they do release the official one with more Yesung & Eunhyuk!

    • YEA!!! I read about how this is the leaked, unedited version. Fingers cross for more Yesung and Eunhyuk :D

  6. Sooyoung + Donghae: Otp wish granted! Hehe

    I was amused at how the places are recognisable to me, the result from kdrama and kvariety XD

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