Posted by: beckery | December 13, 2009

091213 SHINee on KJE’s Chocolate

Ring Ding Dong Remix Version I LOVE this remix, it’s so bad ass :DDD They need to perform it more with everyone there! I was watching fancams for this and Onew looked quite lost during the remixed choreo hahaha but you can’t really notice it here. Minho took over Taemin’s line and he sounded pretty good here compared to the other times :D

Replay (Rap Version) + L.O.V.E (Nat Cole Cover) I hope they release a studio version of Replay (Rap remix), it’s so flippin’ sexy!!!!! Minho performed this at their Japanese fanmeeting by himself AND I DIED OK.  He was so good and had so much bad ass attitude, it was the smex *_* All of them together is even better, I really really need a studio version of this .___.

SFKLKSJFLKSJSLk I need to rip their L.O.V.E performance!!! They went around giving out their roses ;____; and Key gave his to KJE XD But man, Key sounds so damn good here!!!! His English *___* And how cute is it when Onew says “adore”, I wanted to coo at him hahaha. Minho got to sing some lines and sounded REALLY GOOD. They need to give him some more lessons and then give him some more lines. His deep, deep voice is love~ And I don’t even have to say it, you now Jjong rocked this!! ❤❤

Jonghyun Solo –  Nothing Better Oh Jonghyun *_________* The audio at the end was a bit screwed though.

Onew – Cha Cha Cha (Trot) Onew really knows his trot stuff!!! Whenever he goes on 1000 song challenge, he always surprises me at all the stuff he knows. The smart boy <3 Lol and I love it when he does trot, his voice is awesome for it :D

Key Rapping to Bow Wow’s “Let Me Hold You” So I’ve realised that I love Key’s English. He sounds really good and most of the time it’s English not Engrish hahahaha. Jonghyun was so into it lol, cute :3

Onew’s LLO Imitation HAHAHAHAAH I love it whenever Onew imitates Jjong in LLO. It’s so epic win that I’ll never get tired of it XD

Minho Winking Minho is SHINee’s wink machine and you love it, don’t deny this boy. He’s legal now, ok?!?!! lol.


  1. O.M.G


    No seriously… I didn’t think I could be more in love with them!!! Their english is really good and they all sounded GREAT singing it =)

    Hopefully a studio version of this too? =P

  2. Gasp! I thought they already performed a RDD remix somewhere but I don’t remember it being this awesome. =D

    Replay rap version was pretty solid, though I actually did a fangirl squeal during L.O.V.E. The noonas who got roses looked so happy! Onew’s high adlibs were <3 and no offense to Minho, but I was like "What?! Since when can Minho sing?!" Lucky KJE…

  3. Ngaww the boys sang my favorite love song of all time <3
    and agree, Key's english isnt engrish-ey at all~

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