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091213 Inkigayo

2PM Heartbeat

  • Cool ending :D
  • Is it just me or do they all sound a bit tired? :S GET SOME REST, BOYS ;_;
  • Has Junsu always been the one with the 3/4 sleeved suit?

2PM Winning

  • AWW. YAY.
  • Khun wished JYP happy birthay :3
  • Jay needs to get back here so I can hear his fail!thank you speech XD
  • Lol @ Taecyeon doing the heartbeat hand thing with the claw

Beckery: TRIPLE CROWN BB, TRIPLE CROWN /CRYING ;_____; But Taec doing Bo Peep moves with T-ara’s claw was positively adorable.  That also means no more encore for us :( I love their encores <3 Lol I didnt’ notice at first but after watching Beast’s performance, I realised that Junho’s wearing their jacket, I think he and Doojoon swapped coats? haha cute XDD


  • Joon BB, I love you, but please give G.O your falsettos XD
  • Did Leader get his hair lightened? I like :)
  • MIR’S CLOSING AT THE END. AW. The choreography for this song is so cute.
  • I love how their outfits are all matchy-matchy XD Boybands, ftw :P

After School – Because of You

  • LMAO at the fanboy who yelled at the start XD
  • GaHee looks so skinny ;___; The camera man loves her XD
  • I love the bit where they do the tear marks with their fingers, haha.
  • This song is so awesome, I’m surprised it hasn’t won any awards yet :/

U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni

  • One of the best U-Kiss performances I’ve seen! Everyone sounded great, and they all seemed really energetic :D!!!
  • Kevin, please cut your hair kthx.
  • I love how they can pronounce “girl” properly LOL

f(x) – Chu~

  • Victoria’s cartwheel things are amazing *O*
  • Luna has such an awesome voice *_* I want to see SM give her a ballad~
  • Lol @ how the audience exploded when Amber sang her line XD
  • Victoria’s gorgeous, but girl, in the words of Blair Waldorf: leggings are not pants. Let this be a lesson for us all…

I haven’t had time to watch these performances yet cuz it’s Onew’s Bday today and I was too busy spamming Tumblr hahah. But I’ll watch and edit them soon :D Once again, HAPPY BDAY DUBU <33333

SHINee – JoJo I saw pictures of this performance and KEY, YOU STILL HAVE THAT CHRISTMAS TREE ON YOUR FRINGE DDDDDDDDDDD: That needs to go like yesterday! Their clothes for JoJo is so…colourful XDDD I prefer RDD clothes for sure, but this is more suitable for the Christmas season I guess. And some of the hoodies and jackets they wear are quite cute. Though Key’s hair and those stickers can go. Does anyone think Minho looks weird here?! I can’t place my finger on it but something is definitely weird :/ Anyways, awesome performance! I know RDD is much more interesting and fierce, but I really love this song so no complaints from me :DDDD

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep ARGH, did they have to add those bags?!!? They  look like something that Suju-H wore and as much as I don’t mind the cute concept, these bags should be illegal!! Ok, enough cute concept, bring on those tights, leather and leopard prints girls! Hyomin’s little solo dance at 1.19 keeps changing recently and it’s so cute! :DD She did Man Man Ha Ni this time but did Hearbeat yesterday at the Copyright Clean Concert Special (where you could hear Junsu at the start!!! HAHAHAHA IT’S HILARIOUS. HIS VOICE OMG) and Ring Ding Dong on Mucore 2 days ago.

Beast – Mystery Omg they’re wearing suits and omg Yoseob has nice hair *____________* The poor bb  usually gets the weirdest clothes and hair hahaha. Actually, they all have pretty good hairstyles here and look great <33 Dance interlude was so gooooodd!! I’m not sure if it’s them or the mics but not the best performance of theirs, vocal wise. But looks wise, :Q_

Brian ft Supreme team – My Girl I haven’t listened to Brian’s album yet but I will asap :D I remember him talking on Strong Heart about finding the best time to release the album to avoid collision with Big Bang/other idol groups’ album release hahaha XDD But Brian is pretty much a veteran, so I’m sure it’ll be successful anyways. I’m glad he’s back but you know, FTTS > solo no matter how much I see it. I prefer Brian’s voice over Hwanhee’s but when together they balance eachother out and sound wonderful. Anyways, back to the performance. He looks and sounds great! First time listening to the song and I like the chorus already!! Choreo isn’t too intense but just right for the song.


  1. I only watched the 2PM perf and encore when I have time I’ll come back to watch brian and SHINee and lol yes junsu did have a lot of 3/4 cut sleeves other times, and Khun made me realize jyp’s birthday is one day after mines, lol yay Sagittarius buddies for life kk well happy b-day jyp *___* sorry for not commenting much recently exams all this week x_x when its done I promise to comment more

    • Lol I thought Junsu was always the only one to show his arms…I was right XD

      Happy (late) birthday :D! Lol, you should email JYP and ask him to share some of his rice cakes with you, seeing as how you’re his (almost) birthday buddy :P

      Good luck with your exams :D I look forward to spazzing with you when you’re finished :D

  2. i think junho swapped with dongwoon? haha! finally i mustered enough courage to comment. haha! i’ve been lurking here for ages. XD yey!

    • We love it when silent readers appear. HELLO :D

  3. Yay for 2pm!! Although I suppose that means we won’t be seeing their winning reactions anymore ;_; Oh wells, I’d like to see one of the rookies win next!

    Is it bad that I really like Beast’s songs but think MBLAQ is hotter? XD MBLAQ’s songs are okay but not super-catchy so…meh. Can’t wait to watch them host Idol Army though!

    • Beast’s “down down let’s get down” line makes me want to bang my head against a wall, so I don’t really listen to their songs XD

      Have you seen MBLAQ on other variety shows? OMG THEY’RE SO CRAZY AND FUN. Especially Mir. That kid is on crack 24/7 XD

      Oh yeah~ Oh yeah~ Oh yeah yeah yeah~~~

      • YES! MBLAQ reminds me of 2PM a lot, which is funny because Beast are the ones from the sister company right? I think I’m developing a bias for MBLAQ, especially Mir/Joon. :D I’m hoping their next album will blow me away because this one didn’t XD

        Try Beast’s Mystery! Their songs take a few listens to grow on me but I admit I’m fascinated by the choreo for Mystery. The whole head-bobbing move, like a duck but…watch and see. I’m obviously no good at describing dance moves :P

  4. u-kiss kiseob is soooo deliciously good lookin!! he needs more lines n closeups!

    congrats to 2pm for winning again. i have a question thou. if khottests r boycotting the album, why do they keep winning?? who’s buying the albums?

    • Maybe their online votes are really high? I have no idea how these things work ._.

    Anyway, I sent you guys an email a few days ago… Did you get it?

  6. The thing is, was it really JYP’s birthday? Because Wiki (poor source) says his birthday is the 13th of January!

    • Maybe Khun said it to be funny? I have no idea .___.

    • OMG! i’ve been trying to find out his real birthdays for days..
      did anyone find out his real birthday? :L pleaase?

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