Posted by: beckery | December 15, 2009

SHINee – Dazed and Confused Photo Shoot BTS

Credit: randy19974 @ youtube

The magazine is released on the 22nd and I sorta really~ want a copy if this is what the photoshoot will look like *___* (click to enlarge)


I love the first picture. Their hair is so nice! I really like Minho’s short hair and Onew and Taemin’s styled hair. *______* Lol the second one is a bit lulzy. The words “drowning rats” came to mind D: Yea, fine, SEXY drowning rats…who fell into paint hahaha.

They looked like they had fun in the photoshoot. I really like the bits where they were taking solo shots. Key’s poses were really good. Jonghyun’s jawline! Minho was all mysterious. Taemin looked so mature and Onew gave me this really sexy vampire vibe *_*


  1. bb this gets tagged under photoshoots lol. Signing out now wireless connection is dodgy here.

    • LOL I had a feeling I tagged it wrong but knowing your OCDness I knew you would tell me what to tag it with. Or else you’d backtrack through and fix it for me. ILU worldling :D

  2. yes. pls someone cut minho’s hair… >_<

    i wanna see shinee live! i just saw FTi n BEG live n they were great :D

    • :O Lucky!!!! FTI AND BEG? DId you get any photos?

    • Just found out today that SHINee will be in SIN to participate in some concert on Feb 1-2. They’re only a guest and possibly be singing 1 song only. Tickets go on sale next week if you are interested. You can check SISTIC.

  3. Cuties!

    • :D Agreed

  4. Lol the second pic is more like:
    Look what I caught in my net =P
    5 sexy boys XD

    • HAHAHA TRUE. XDDDDDD Not very appropriate for lil boys right

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