Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 17, 2009

2009 MELON Awards

Otherwise known as the SNSD Show :P

Lol kidding. Not really. Congrats to the girls for snagging six awards; I’m just disappointed that 2pm/Suju didn’t get anything T___T Well, that’s not entirely true, they did get a Top 10. But a Top 10 is pretty much like a participation award, so whatever.

The highlight for me was definitely JGS AND PSH MC-ING TOGETHER :DDDDD I had no idea what they were saying, BUT I WAS HAPPY.

I’ve compiled a list of videos that interested me:

JGS and PSH singing a bit of “Promise You” – THREE SECONDS OF OTP HAPPINESS :D. I think they stopped singing cos PSH said that she didn’t know the lyrics?? I NEED THIS TO BE SUBBED.

JGS and PSH talking about…something – Lol I have no idea what they were saying, but I heard “top ten” and “a.n.jell”, so I’m assuming that they were about to announce the Top Ten’s and were wondering why A.N.JELL weren’t nominated? Near the end of the cut, PSH yelled “Hyungnim~” and ran away, and JGS went “Go Minam” and chased after her :D

JGS and PSH being Taekyung and Minam again – Again, no idea what they actually talked about, but I heard lots of “Hyungnim”s and “Gominam”s and JGS looked really happy XD OT: How high were PSH’s heels O_O

2PM Intro – I like how they each got a “square” (in the intro) and each “square” was a different track from their album :D

2PM Heartbeat – OMG THE MICS WERE ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. They were like, switching on and off O_O I think only 3/6 of the mics were working properly, so some members you couldn’t even hear T__T But I guess this just proves that 2PM did the performance live, yes?

2PM Again and Again & Dance Break – Junsu’s mic didn’t work properly and AAA was super short so they cut out Jay’s bit. Bleh.

2NE1 – Let’s Go Party Remix – Congrats to 2NE1 for winning the Newcomer award :D! But omg, wtf was Dara wearing O____O Super short performance, but they did a good job considering the mics that they had to work with =.=

Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra – Great performance :D! I don’t really like Narsha’s wig, I prefer her pixie cut :/ Lol everytime I hear this song now, I think of the Dirty Eyed Girls XD

SNSD Gee – EW THEIR TOPS. DD; I like Gee a lot more than Genie~ I can see why SNSD won so many awards; Gee was huge this year, it’d be surprising if they didn’t win anything. 2PM should learn from SNSD and play a super loud backing track during the chorus ;)

GD won the Album of the Year award, but he wasn’t there so there’s no video :/


  1. Agrees with you. I was so looking forward to this year’s award shows because I only really got into kpop late last year and was misled into thinking that they had awesomeness like MKMF 2008 EVERY year. I was wrong.

    For me, the highlights were the MCs :D Oh and 2PM’s performance of course!! I’m disappointed that 2PM didn’t win more :( And wtf at their outfits, how could they make a cutie like Khun look so UNcute XD

    • Oh yeah, this user on youtube has subbed cuts of JGS and PSH MC-ing. Here’s the link to Part 1:


      • Thanks :D!


        Have you seen the gifs from Idol Army ep.1? I don’t think the show’s been subbed yet (WHY D;) but omg, just looking at the gifs got me laughing XD Omg, WE HAVE THE SAME MBLAQ BIASES :D Joon is pwetty *O* and weird and Mir, omg, that kid. THERE ARE NO WORDS XD. Have you watched Art of Seduction? MIR AND HIS FRAGRANCE LINE. LOL.

        Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I’m re-watching YB with my mummy (more like I’m forcing her to watch with me XD) so I’ll probably get the last index out when I watch it again with her~ I’ve replied to your comment though :)

        Lol this comment is all over the place XD But um yea, this year’s award ceremonies sucked. DBSK and BigBang were all missing; every award ceremony had a bias, and JAY STILL ISN’T BACK (which doesn’t have anything to do with award ceremonies, but whatever XD) Someone on LJ actually suggested that they should combine MAMA and MELON to make MAMAs MELONs XDDD

        I think 2PM’s stylist is jealous of their hotness.

  2. lmao oh my fail I read PHS as PSY and thought “what that’s such a random pairing” ah stupid exams made me miss everything good, no mama’s, no gda, no mma’s. now that I’m done I have to watch all of this on youtube >.<

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